Revolutionizing Fundraising: How Is Blockchain Technology Transforming Capital Raising Processes?

Key Takeaways:

  • Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the process of raising capital via startups like Tokenomica.
  • Tokenomica offers a comprehensive ecosystem for compliant fundraising campaigns, issuance, and post-campaign management of smart securities.
  • The startup uses the Waves blockchain network, enabling automation and efficient management of back office and securities administration processes.
  • Through its decentralized crypto-fiat exchange, Tokenomica plans to bring liquidity from the crypto-market to a securities tokens market.


Fundraising has always been one of the most challenging aspects when setting up or scaling a company. In recent years, blockchain technology has begun to leave its mark on this domain, offering innovative and streamlined approaches to raising capital. Malta-based startup, Tokenomica, is a brilliant example of this transformative change. By leveraging blockchain technology, Tokenomica has stepped up to redefine capital raising processes not just for big names in the business world, but companies of any scale.

At its core, Tokenomica allows companies to conduct compliant fundraising campaigns, issue, and distribute smart securities (security tokens) to their investors, and efficiently manage all post-campaign activities. But they don’t stop there. They are also paving inroads into creating a secondary market for issued tokens, and are operating a decentralised crypto-fiat exchange. This exchange aims to bring the much-needed liquidity from the crypto-market into a securities tokens market.

Why Tokenomica stands out

Tokenomica separates itself from the pack through a comprehensive integrated approach to tokenized securities. They capitalise on the efficiency and security of smart contracts by issuing smart securities on the Waves blockchain network. These securities come with built-in compliance algorithms, which lend themselves to automation and efficient management of back office and securities administration processes. It’s a futuristic model that significantly simplifies the traditionally complicated backdrop of securities issuance and trading.

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Moreover, their crypto-fiat exchange platform forms a crucial part of their ecosystem. It embodies a decentralized system design that promises to attract liquidity from the trending crypto-sector into the securities tokens market. By bridging the gap between the crypto and traditional finance world, Tokenomica presents an effective solution to one of the biggest hurdles faced by security tokens – liquidity.

The future of Tokenomica and its industry

The concepts espoused by Tokenomica offer a compelling image of where the future of fundraising lies. As traditional finance continues to grapple with its limitations, the intersection of blockchain and financing as laid out by Tokenomica provides a reliable model to look towards. If implemented correctly, such systems could expedite capital raising procedures, bring new degrees of automation and transparency, and lower barriers to entry for smaller businesses.

The company’s vision, ingrained in their technology, holds immense potential for shaping the landscape of the FinTech industry at large. It would be interesting to keep an eye on this space as Tokenomica continues to unfold their plans. For more information, visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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