How Can Cloud Automation SaaS Revolutionize B2B Multi-Cloud Service Reselling?

Key Takeaways:

  • ngKloud is a public cloud automation SaaS for B2B markets which offers a white-label marketplace for multi-cloud services (like AWS, GCP, Azure).
  • The platform is customizable to your brand’s look and feel, with no major upfront investment required for setup or team specializations.
  • Through ngKloud, telecom and digital service providers can automate resource provisioning, subscription, and self-care order management for public cloud solutions.
  • User can manage their customer’s entire cloud asset lifecycle, from subscription management to billing, with out-of-the-box payment gateways.
  • ngKloud is developed by, a Cloud, Quality Assurance & Automation Center of Excellence powered by the Readiness IT Group.

With the growing shift towards digitization, managing cloud services effectively and efficiently is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. Enter ngKloud, a public cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) startup that is revolutionizing the way multi-cloud services are resold to B2B markets. Based in Fundão, Castelo Branco in Portugal, ngKloud provides an automation platform for cloud resources, allowing businesses to reap the benefits without needing any technical know-how.

As a ready-to-use white-label marketplace, ngKloud makes it seamless for businesses to resell standardized multi-cloud services Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to B2B markets. It offers a turn-key solution for providers to automate resource provisioning, subscription management, and self-care order systems, facilitating business operation and boosting revenues.

What sets ngKloud apart is its commitment to both functionality and customization. Businesses have the freedom to mould the platform to their brand’s look and feel and establish their own offer portfolio and price strategy for public cloud solutions and managed services. This flexibility allows businesses to focus on their unique value proposition while outsourcing their cloud management needs to a dedicated and specialized platform.

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Moreover, ngKloud eliminates the need for significant upfront investment in platform setup or team specialization. The platform handles the full lifecycle of a customer’s cloud assets, from subscription management all the way to the billing process, with out-of-the-box payment gateways. This makes ngKloud an ideal solution for businesses seeking to simplify and streamline their cloud resource management.

With the ever-growing B2B market need for public cloud IaaS resources, ngKloud is strategically positioned for future growth and success. The platform’s ease of use, automation capabilities, and comprehensive lifecycle management are set to make it a game-changer in cloud service reselling. The startup’s future also looks promising given their ongoing commitment to adaptability and continuous improvement.

To learn more about ngKloud, visit their website at ngkloud. Stay connected and get the latest updates by following them on LinkedIn. ngKloud, revolutionizing cloud service reselling, one automated process at a time.

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