How is Modernizing Multifamily Properties Transforming Commercial Real Estate Investment?

Key Takeaways:
  • Think Multifamily is a real estate investment company which focuses on multifamily apartments.
  • The firm integrates modernization into its business model to increase returns and provide quality living for tenants.
  • Think Multifamily has a unique approach to investments, providing investors with training and industry knowledge.
  • The company stands at the forefront of changing the commercial real estate investment industry by modernizing multifamily properties.

The housing market is a cornerstone of the American economy, and Think Multifamily is making waves in this sector. Operating out of Frisco, Texas, this startup is innovative in transforming commercial real estate investments by modernizing multifamily properties. The company, founded in 2016 by Mark and Tamiel Kenney, has built a solid business model around acquiring, owning, and managing multifamily apartments.

Think Multifamily doesn’t simply buy and sell properties. They focus on educating investors to make informed decisions while also guiding them on common mistakes to avoid. They leverage their relationship with vendors, property inspectors, attorneys, and management companies to reduce risk and create exceptional results for their investors.

Differentiators:One of the main differentiators of Think Multifamily is their commitment to modernizing the properties they purchase. They understand that the traditional methods of real estate investment no longer suffice in a rapidly evolving market. By injecting new capital into properties to eliminate deferred maintenance and add creative, modern touches, Think Multifamily seems to have found a winning formula.

The second differentiator lies in the company’s comprehensive approach towards the investors. Instead of simply being a realty firm, Think Multifamily acts as a guide and mentor, educating investors about the nuances of the market, potential risks and strategies for success. This commitment to investor success sets Think Multifamily apart from its competitors.

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The future of Think Multifamily looks promising as the company continues to implement innovative strategies to transform commercial real estate investments. By focusing on the modernization of multifamily properties, the company is leading the charge in the industry’s transformation. Their emphasis on investor education and growth as well as the ability to maximize returns signals growth and influence in the sector.

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