Revolutionising Healthcare: Can IoMT Solutions Improve Medical and mHealth Industries?

If you’ve ever questioned the intersection between the enormous technological strides of the internet of things (IoT) and the vast medical and healthcare industry, here is a startup bringing the best of both worlds, Shennona. Bringing in innovative Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solutions, Shennona serves as a paradigm of how technology can revolutionize the healthcare and mHealth sectors.

Operating with a strong foundation of Information and Communication Technology, Shennona hopes to influence the healthcare industry. Its products like Stampede, assisting athletes with training data, and BoostFix, a tool for physicians that measures joint angles and positions accurately with 6-axis IMU sensors, reflect its in-depth understanding of its target market and innovation prowess.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shennona, an IoT healthcare company, offers cutting edge solutions for athletes and physicians.
  • Products like Stampede and BoostFix showcase the possibilities of tailored, tech-fuelled medical solutions.
  • IoMT solutions like those offered by Shennona have transformative potential for the healthcare and mHealth industries in the future.

The Shennona startup stands apart due to its innovative approach to utilising IoMT in improving healthcare solutions. Products such as Stampede and BoostFix are not just technologies but solutions that address specific challenges faced by athletes and healthcare professionals. Poised at the intersection of healthcare, IoT and mHealth, Shennona’s unique selling proposition lies in their ability to customize rehab programs through technology.

Furthermore, their sophisticated use of 6-axis IMU sensors for measuring joint angles makes for accurately prescribed rehab exercises, action angles, repetitions, and tolerance settings. These features not only make Shennona a trailblazer but also distinguish it from other startups in the same sector.

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Looking towards the future, it’s evident that Shennona has a significant role to play in the advancement of IoMT solutions in the healthcare and mHealth industry. The precise and tailored rehab programs, sports training, and physiotherapy sessions that Shennona’s products make possible are just the tip of the iceberg.

With the rise in demand for personalized healthcare solutions, startups like Shennona will likely drive the next wave of innovation, pushing boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare with the internet of things. To stay updated on their advancements and learn more, you can visit their website or connect on socials like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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