Is Boutique AI Consulting the Future of CRM Strategy and Governance?

Key Takeaways:

  • Avity is a startup specializing in AI-based consultation for CRM strategy and governance.
  • The startup, based in Dubai, utilizes a boutique business model focusing on customer and end-user experience.
  • Avity’s extensive Salesforce expertise allows them to offer scalable and sustainable solutions to diverse business challenges.
  • The future of CRM strategy and governance could very well be in boutique AI consulting, as evidenced by Avity’s approach.

As we venture deeper into the age of digital information, businesses are constantly in search of innovative ways to manage customer relations. Avity, an ever-evolving startup based in Dubai, offers a novel approach to this challenge. Not your standard consultation firm, this cutting-edge startup prioritizes a boutique experience for customers and end-users, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to augment CRM strategy and governance.

Working with clients globally, Avity has managed to set itself apart in the diverse field of consulting. By integrating their profound understanding of present-day tech with a proactive, future-focused approach, they are not only addressing imminent business pain points, but also ensuring preparedness for future challenges.

However, what truly differentiates Avity from the traditional consulting firms is their approach towards consultation. They champion the boutique model, which puts a premium on customer experience rather than just delivering pre-packaged solutions. This approach allows them to tailor the solutions to client’s specific needs, maintaining a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness.

Furthermore, Avity’s dedicated team of experts has an extensive understanding of Salesforce, a leading CRM platform. This expertise allows them to deliver effective and scalable solutions, empowering businesses to deal with a multitude of challenges inherent in the management of customer relationships. Their AI-based solutions offer predictive insights and enhance decision making, thus streamlining business operations.

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Moving forward, Avity’s role in the AI Consultation industry seems to be leading to promising prospects. As more businesses recognize the importance of personalized CRM strategies, the demand for boutique consultation services like those provided by Avity is bound to increase. Thus, the future of CRM strategy and governance may very well be gearing towards boutique AI consulting.

The startup’s proactive approach to staying updated with technology, coupled with their commitment towards customer-centric service, could potentially make them a force to reckon with in the AI consulting industry. To stay updated with Avity’s journey, visit their website at, or follow them on Twitter at Also, you can connect them via LinkedIn at

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