Is This Innovative Global Platform Modernising Local News Consumption?

With an innovation-filled avenue set to change the way news is consumed, Hinglish News, located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, is pushing back the boundaries of the local news industry. This article will take you on a journey through Hinglish News’ operations, unique selling points, and the potential future within the news industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hinglish News is setting the stage as the world’s first-ever ‘All-Hinglish’ news website, focusing on providing insights across various fields, including IT, Sports, Politics, Crime, Entertainment, and TV.
  • Designed for those who favour a blend of ‘Hindi’ and ‘English’, Hinglish News bypasses the mainstream media noise to deliver ground-level information and authentic reportage.
  • This innovative platform offers diversity by featuring stories from writers all over the globe, sharing real information and experiences from local communities.

Hinglish News is an innovative media startup company at the intersection of language and culture. Founded by Alaukik Rajpoot, the company aims to satisfy the appetite for a blend of Hindi and English news consumption. Carving its niche as the first ‘All-Hinglish’ website, Hinglish News serves up a varied menu of information across various areas of interest- IT, Sports, Politics, Crime, Entertainment and TV.

The company adopts a refreshing and unique approach to the way it delivers news content. By venturing away from the often superficial, biased views of mainstream media outlets, Hinglish News brings to the forefront in-depth, unbiased, and authentic news from a neutral perspective.

What makes Hinglish news unique is its community-oriented approach to news delivery. In contrast to other major news organizations, Hinglish News is more grounded and close to the heart of the communities whose stories they share. Using correspondents from across the globe, Hinglish News reports stories based on firsthand experiences and reliable local sources, thus ensuring the authenticity and depth of their content.

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Furthermore, the inclusion of regional dialect simplifies consumption for those conversant in Hinglish, a common dialect in various parts of India, and helps spread awareness and information seamlessly within the community.

Looking towards the future, Hinglish News stands at the brink of a significant breakout. As more consumers lean toward accessible, authentic, and unbiased news, Hinglish News is poised to meet this demand with their community-oriented, multi-linguistic approach and focus on real, on-the-ground information.

The future of the news industry is on the threshold of a local news revolution, where authenticity and firsthand accounts will drive engagement. To stay abreast with Hinglish News’ revolutionary strides, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or visit their website.

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