Is Empathy-Driven Journalism the Next Big Thing in Indian Media Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Media Manthan News is an Indian startup focused on providing a voice and media platform for the poor, deprived, and marginalized segments of society, specifically targeting farmers and the unemployed.
  • Founded by Sudhir Bishnoi, the enterprise is based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and offers a unique empathy-driven approach to journalism, without any influence from corporate, political, or individual pressures.
  • The focus of their reporting is extensively on the grassroots level, highlighting issues faced by those living in rural areas, who are often overlooked by mainstream media.

Empathy-driven journalism has been gaining ground around the world, with the aim of bringing forth undiluted, unbiased news for all, particularly the unheard. One such initiative has been taken in the Indian media industry by Media Manthan News, a startup based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Coined as the ‘Voice of India’, the company is reshaping the media landscape by proactively prioritizing reporting on issues addressing marginalized communities, thereby promoting empathetic journalism.

Launched by Sudhir Bishnoi, Media Manthan News transcends traditional journalism by vociferously reporting on issues faced by the poor, deprived, exploited, and the unemployed segment of the society. Their stance is underpinned by a critical belief in honest journalism, unaltered by the influence of corporate, group political, or party ideologies.

What differentiates Media Manthan News from its competitors is their formidable dedication to share the unheard stories of the silenced rural India with the public. They purposefully move away from the normative ‘city-centric’ news, casting light on real issues faced by the common human beings of rural India. Their empathetic-driven approach places a spotlight on the plight and hardships of the underrepresented, who are typically disregarded by mainstream media.

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Moreover, Media Manthan News fervently operates without any external pressure, maintaining a non-partisan stance, where neither power nor opposition silences their reporting. They operate through crowdsourcing funds and donations, emphasizing their commitment towards independent journalism, free from political or corporate influences.

In conclusion, Media Manthan News signifies an exciting evolution in the Indian media industry. They are pioneering an empathy-driven approach to journalism, which if successful, has the potential to significantly reconfigure the media landscape in India. Considering their core ethos of truthful reportage and commitment to the underprivileged, they have the potential to spur similar media initiatives across the country.

If you wish to support Media Manthan News and help bring the voice of the farmers to the city, make sure to visit their website. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep updated with their latest news coverage.

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