What’s Shaping US Product Research: Most Influential Startups of 2023?

Welcome to another edition of StartupBubble.news where we explore the landscape of product research startups in the United States. This industry involves the in-depth investigation of potential products or improvements that can fill a market need. By exploring new frontiers and integrating technological advancements, these startups offer unique endeavors of innovation. From brain-computer interfaces, genetically engineered technologies to biotechnology, you will see an array of startups applying their research capabilities with the end goal of driving the industry forward and making a significant impact on society as a whole. Below, we delve into fifteen product research startups you should definitely keep an eye on:

Precision Neuroscience

Is a neural platform that utilizes Precision Neuroscience brain-computer interface technology, a groundbreaking venture that opens a new frontier in the world of product research. Operating out of United States, Precision Neuroscience holds the potential to produce a paradigm shift within the product research space.

Aethon Therapeutics

Aethon Therapeutics treats cancer by combining immunotherapy and targeted treatment to increase effectiveness. Their innovative approach places them at the cutting-edge of product research in the United States, and their work holds a substantial promise for the future treatment of cancer.


Idrx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to revolutionizing cancer treatment. The mission of this United States-based product research startup complements the important goals of biomedical research and clinical care for the improvement of health outcomes.

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Jaguar Gene Therapy

Fascinatingly, Jaguar Gene Therapy is accelerating breakthroughs in gene therapy for patients suffering from severe genetic diseases. Their focus on genetic therapies shows the potential in personalized precision medicine and the future of product research in healthcare.

Carbon Biosciences

Carbon Biosciences is a biotech company employing novel parvovirus gene therapy in their approach to product research. This vastly innovative field shows exciting promise for the future of therapy.


ArtisanBio provides cell engineering and data analysis solutions set to advance the cell therapy revolution. Through their cell engineering techniques, they are driving forward the scope of product research and the future of cell-based therapies.

Minus Materials

Specializing in microalgae production, Minus Materials uses their research to produce CO2-storing biominerals for the cement and concrete industry. Their work holds significant implications for reducing the carbon footprint of this energy-intense industry.

Codetta Biosciences

Codetta Biosciences develops a quantitative and digital spatial platform for nucleic acid and protein assays, opening new avenues in various diagnostic and therapeutic settings.

Mekanistic Therapeutics

Mekanistic Therapeutics is a drug designer for cancer; they represent a unique niche in product research, combining precise design methodologies with targeted drug therapies.

Aera Therapeutics

Aera Therapeutics employs its own protein nanoparticle (PNP) delivery platform in their biotechnology firm. This innovative work holds groundbreaking potential in targeted drug delivery and treatment efficacy.


Jeeva optimizes and decentralizes clinical research, making innovation accessible to patients regardless of their location. Positioning themselves as facilitators of remote medical research, they are innovating the face of clinical trials.

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NSN Lookup

Specializing in government and military supply chain intelligence and data mining, NSN Lookup is reshaping public sector product research. Their innovation aids the U.S. government efficiency in supply chain logistics.

Rhizome Network

With its network of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, Rhizome Network is a collective consultant agency that develops winning product research strategies for its clients.

Orion Labs

Orion Labs is an applied robotic research company, redefining the boundaries of machine intelligence in product research. The advances they are making in robotics are excitingly transforming the shapes of our future.

Superior Nano

Superior Nano creates skin health serums that contain multiple anti-aging ingredients. Their innovations in cosmetic and skincare products are changing the face of personal care product research. With Superior Nano, the route to youthful skin could be made straightforward and scientific.

To conclude, there is incredible diversity within the product research industry which carries the potential to radically shift and improve our ways of life. From neurology and genomics to materials science and robotics, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what we currently understand and are making a significant impact on the landscape of the United States through their innovative solutions.

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