Which US Product Management Startups Are Pioneering Industry Advancements in 2023?

As the world of startups continues to evolve, the role of product management is being revered more than ever before. Exceptional product management is pivotal to the development, marketing, and fine-tuning of products that meet and exceed market demands and customer expectations. This vital function is at the core of an interesting new wave of U.S. startups that specialize in product management services. This article will focus on fifteen such startups, delving into their unique business models, the problems they solve, and the ripple effect they create in the startup ecosystem.

Recognizing the importance of companies that contribute to the product management industry, we want to bring attention to several startups in the U.S. markets that are pushing boundaries, taking innovative risks, and visibly impacting their respective industries. Each company selected for this feature represents a unique section of the product management industry, offering solutions that complement each other and help organizations to effectively bring their merchandise to market.

The following companies come from a diverse range of sub-industries within the product management sector, from e-health and Agri-food to software solutions and marketing platforms. With this article, we aim to highlight these innovative companies and the impact they are making on the product development process in their respective industries.

Proof Diagnostics

Proof Diagnostics resides on the cutting edge of the health industry by developing CRISPR-based COVID-19 molecular tests to help communities maintain control over their health. A proud contributor to the product management industry in the United States, Proof Diagnostics is committed to delivering innovation and excellence in healthcare product development.

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Based in Los Angeles, Kurios offers cohort-based courses for companies, taught by professionals hailing from leading tech companies such as Amazon, Stripe, and Uber. Their approach to product management education demonstrates a distinctive commitment to professional growth and improvement.


Battling food waste and promoting sustainable practices, Agricycle creatively blends product management with sustainability. They transform agricultural byproducts and food waste into all-natural and organic consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands.

Julita’s Garden

With its dedication to providing high-quality medical cannabis for the state’s patient community, Julita’s Garden distinguishes itself in the product management industry by ensuring stringent product quality and ethical conduct in an apparatus designed to protect consumer interests.

Pack Labs

Pack Labs is a comprehensive service provider for beverage companies, offering manufacturing, branding, product management, product research, product strategy, and packaging solutions. Their holistic approach to providing product solutions is noteworthy in their industry.


Useful is a mark-up platform created by product managers to increase customer engagement. Its focus lies in building upon the customer experience, reflecting the importance of consumer relations in product management.


Blitzllama offers an in-product user research platform for product development teams, helping them streamline processes and improve overall product quality, bolstering market success.


DXM provides open technology and MFG platforms for apparel and footwear companies, thereby aiding the efficiency and success of these industries in the well-run lifecycle of their products.


Go-to-Market platform Ignition launches products via world-class strategic marketing, capitalizing on the importance of impactful product launches in the marketplace.

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Lanor is a SaaS company providing a collaborative product management platform for retail teams. Its software fosters strong collaboration in retail teams by increasing productivity and thereby enhancing the product’s market journey.


A useful supply chain management marketplace for SMBs and supply chain experts, Supplino advocates for effective product supply management, an essential function in managing products at the macro and micro levels.


eighty2i simplifies entrepreneurship through effective business consulting and services, including product management, making startups’ navigation easier and more fruitful.


Taotter is a marketplace for startups to source vetted, screened, and trained talent for hourly-based or on-demand services. It simplifies access to reliable talent, thereby adding value to the new-age startup scenario.


ImpactProduct provides powerful product analytics without the need for developer assistance or a complex analytical user interface. They streamline the integration of data analytics into product management, thereby achieving effective data-driven decisions.

Cortado Group

The U.S.-based Cortado Group provides Revops intelligence, sales capability assessment, and interim C-level leadership solutions. By adopting a data-driven approach, the company contributes to the product management industry by providing strategic solutions to sales and operational issues.

Each of these startups takes a unique approach to improving product management in their respective fields. Ensuring that product management capacities are a core focus allows them to drive growth, improve the customer experience, and ultimately, develop products that meet and exceed expectations.

For startups and growing companies alike, these product management startups offer a variety of solutions, technologies, and services that enhance and streamline business functions. In a world where good product management equates to business success, these companies are leaders in the innovation and sophistication of this vital domain.

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