Which Procurement Startups Are Reshaping USA’s Business Landscape in 2023?

The landscape for procurement companies in the United States is burgeoning as startups innovate in technologies and strategies adopted for procurement management. In the midst of flourishing online marketplaces, SaaS solutions, and tech-forward strategies, we highlight 15 procurement companies based in the United States that are revolutionizing the industry with their innovative solutions and services.

From healthcare distribution to aiding in business, these startups provide various procurement solutions. They use innovative technologies to streamline sourcing, purchasing, and supply chain management for various sectors, including healthcare, construction, technology, and industrial industries.

In this article, we will know more about these procurement startups, their industry, location, websites, and a brief description of their services. Pay close attention to these game-changers as they re-imagine the procurement landscape.


bttn is revolutionizing healthcare distribution by stepping into the future of the industry. This US-based procurement company is innovating the delivery of medical supplies across the globe.


Felux is a B2B marketplace and supply chain platform that caters to the steel and industrial industries. Its solutions fully encompass procurement needs for these sectors.


The United States’ startup, Tropic, is a software platform that offers comprehensive procurement solutions for tech-forward companies aiming for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Procurated steps up as the largest supplier ratings and reviews platform designed especially for the public sector, significantly impacting the US procurement industry.

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With a unique approach in the procurement industry, MainStreet is a financial platform assisting startups and small businesses in discovering and claiming tax credits and government incentives.


Ply provides a modern buying solution specifically for HVAC/R contractors. Ply streamlines the sourcing, payments, and financing of finished materials for their clientele in the United States.


Configure brings manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors together through their profitable construction marketplace, making a significant impact in the procurement industry.

Focal Point Procurement Solutions

Focal Point Procurement Solutions offers a comprehensive B2B SaaS application specifically for procurement organizations. Their solutions ensure uniformity and efficiency in procurement processes across businesses.


With a mission to streamline the government contract procurement process, Bidversity engages in automation, bringing in efficiency and significant cost-savings in this particular procurement segment.


Approve.com has made procurement processes simple and customizable for organizations, aiding them in effective management of their procurement needs.

Legacy Care Partners

Legacy Care Partners is engaged in the procurement and management of a portfolio of related healthcare facilities and services, contributing significantly to healthcare procurement.

HoPPE Alliance

Offering a full suite of services, HoPPE Alliance empowers buyers, suppliers, and intermediaries to transact in PPE confidently, boosting safety-related procurement in the industry.


FactWise is making strides in the procurement segment by generating win-win outcomes for buyers and suppliers globally. They do this through their end-to-end procurement platform.


ControlHub provides procurement software that allows businesses to request, approve, and track purchases and expenses, bringing in significant efficiency and transparency in procurement processes.


Wrapping up the list, Procure is a business and industrial procurement marketplace that serves as a go-to platform to meet all procurement needs for businesses in the United States.

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In conclusion, these startups shine in the procurement industry as they significantly impact various sectors with their unique and tech-forward solutions. Whether it’s enhancing efficiency, automating processes, or facilitating management of procurement needs, these startups are at the forefront of revolutionizing procurement solutions across the country.

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