Is Integrated Analytics the Future of Informed Business Decision Making?

Business decision-making is gradually moving from the realm of instinctive choices to informed decisions based on data analytics. As businesses seek to leverage data for strategic decisions, companies like IMP Software are stepping up to provide the required analytics infrastructure. Let’s examine if integrated analytics really is the future of informed business decision-making.

Based in Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom, IMP Software is at the cutting edge of the analytics, data integration, database, and software industry. The startup offers innovative services for managing MAT payroll data, integrated excel, Power BI reporting, re-forecasting, automated budget calculations, MAT control, and financial system integration. But the question remains, “Is Integrated Analytics the Future of Informed Business Decision Making?”

  • Key Takeaways:
  • IMP Software is a unique startup in innovating analytics, data integration, and other related software services.
  • The company’s products are centered around incorporating integrated analytics into daily business operations to influence decision making.
  • Integrated analytics provided by IMP not only automates data management processes but also creates opportunities for informed decision making.

Founded by Will Jordan, IMP Software sets itself apart by focusing on the integration of data from various core systems which traditionally would be held in Excel or not at all. This centralized data hub not only streamlines data management but also enhances data accessibility, thereby transforming analysis processes and empowering informed decision making in businesses.

The company’s innovative approach of continuous re-forecasting and automated budget calculations offers businesses a unique advantage. This ability to continuously extrapolate data removes the limitations of periodic reporting, providing up-to-date insights which enable more timely and informed decisions.

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The potential of integrated analytics in driving business decisions extends far beyond merely replacing traditional decision-making models. As businesses are transforming into data-driven organizations, the demand for platforms that streamline data management and analysis will only continue to grow.

IMP Software, with its unique offering, is poised to become a significant player in this evolving landscape. The future of integrated analytics is linked to companies like IMP that can bridge the gap between having access to large amounts of data and efficiently using that data for strategic decision making. You can follow IMP Software on Twitter here, Facebook here, or feel free to visit their website here.

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