Is Social Networking the Future of Maritime Recruitment and Seafarer Networking?


Key Takeaways:

  • Vesseljoin is pioneering social networking in the maritime industry, facilitating easier recruitment and seafarer networking.
  • Based in Athens, Greece, Vesseljoin provides an online community specifically for seamen where they can create online CVs and connect with other seafarers.
  • The digital platform makes it possible to filter seamen by their work history, connect and exchange messages, and directly contact potential employers.
  • Vesseljoin is setting the trend for the future of maritime recruitment and it represents an industry shift towards digital and social platforms.

In the maritime industry, social networking platforms are not typically utilized for job recruitment or networking between seafarers. However, Greek-based startup Vesseljoin is changing that scope. This digital platform is the first of its kind, providing a dedicated online community for seamen. The startup recognizes the importance of networking in the maritime industry and is carving out a niche for itself by bridging the gap with its revolutionary platform.

Vesseljoin not only enables seamen to connect with each other but also makes it easy for them to create their online CVs, simplifying the once complicated task. The platform is user-friendly and encouraging a change in the way maritime recruitment is approached. Furthermore, it offers an understanding of working conditions by allowing a fellow seaman onboard to ask questions, which is a significant step in building a transparent industry.

The uniqueness of Vesseljoin lies in its robust network building strategy and simplified job application process. Seamen can easily find each other, filter them by their work history through IMO number, and connect to exchange messages. This feature reduces time and costs related to maritime recruitment and provides an easy way to keep in touch with old colleagues. Vesseljoin is essentially acting as a digital bridge, connecting seamen and shipping companies, thus enhancing communication within the industry.

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Another distinctive feature of Vesseljoin is the strategic use of social networking to directly contact potential employers. This provides seamen with a unique edge in asking for their next job and represents a shift from traditional methods of manpower sourcing. By moving to the digital realm, Vesseljoin is bringing about a significant change in the maritime recruitment process, thus benefiting both seamen and shipping companies alike.

Focusing on the future, it’s clear that social networking is indeed carving out an essential role in maritime recruitment and seafarer networking. Vesseljoin is a prime example of this expanding trend, and other companies are likely to follow suit as the maritime industry recognizes the benefits of these platforms. As social networking continues to shape many industries, it’s only natural that the maritime sector also takes a page out of that book, given the significant benefits.

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