Is North Cyprus Becoming the Global Hub of Fertility Healthcare Solutions?


Key Takeaways:

  • IVOX Hospital is a leading player in establishing North Cyprus as a hub for global fertility healthcare solutions.
  • The clinic is renowned for its dedication to professional and personal service, as well as advanced methods in IVF treatment.
  • IVOX Hospital also specialises in dealing with cases of problematic pregnancies, unsuccessful IVF treatments, advanced age pregnancies, and genetic defects.

North Cyprus is rapidly gaining recognition for hosting world-class healthcare solutions, particularly in the field of fertility. Leading this surge is IVOX Hospital, a professional and certified IVF clinic based in Nicosia. Known for their exceptional service and high success rates, they’re making significant strides in transforming North Cyprus into a global fertility healthcare hub.

The Cyprus IVF Centre is staffed by a dedicated team, including the first female Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in North Cyprus certified by the Turkish Health Ministry to undertake IVF treatment. Clients from all over the world are welcomed with warm Cypriot hospitality and are guaranteed a patient-centric approach to their fertility treatments.

What truly sets IVOX Hospital apart is their trailblazing work in the fertility sector. They are highly experienced in dealing with a host of reproductive challenges including a history of problematic pregnancies, unsuccessful IVF treatments, advanced age pregnancies, and genetic defects. Their specialised knowledge in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) allows them to identify healthy embryos, ensuring a higher success rate for their clients.

IVOX also caters to male related conditions and to clients with a defined risk of genetic diseases. Their comprehensive services extend from standard IVF treatments to gender selection, sperm and egg donations, and much more, upholding their commitment towards providing the best fertility solutions to their worldwide clientele.

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Looking ahead, IVOX hospital is poised to bolster North Cyprus’s stature as a global home for fertility solutions. Their emphasis on providing top-notch healthcare, backed by their meticulous dedication and groundbreaking work in the IVF field, makes them a beacon for fertility treatment globally. As the industry evolves, IVOX Hospital continues to break barriers in fertility care through their commitment, knowledge and precision.

Explore more about IVOX Hospital and the incredible work they do on their website, follow their updates on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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