Which Bioinformatics Startups Are Revolutionizing Healthcare in America Today?

Bioinformatics has been at the forefront of modern biology and genomic studies for years. This field merges biology, computer science, and statistics to analyze and interpret biological data. The sector has seen a steady rise of innovative startups that are revolutionizing the way we solve some of our most pressing problems faced in life sciences. From gene editing to predicting diseases, these startups have been doing phenomenal work. Each bringing something unique to the table, providing invaluable resources for the scientific community and investors. Here are 15 Bioinformatics startups in the United States that you need to watch in 2021:

These companies aim to revolutionize our understanding of biology and diseases, utilizing novel technologies and methodologies to understand, predict, and ultimately treat various mental and physical health problems. Using advanced bioinformatics, machine learning, and big data technologies, they aim to redefine the way we understand human genome and how it affects our health, our propensity towards diseases and our responses to medical treatments.

Moreover, these startups are not just working towards fighting diseases but are also using their capabilities to improve the quality of agricultural produce and develop advanced diagnostic tools to accelerate scientific research drastically. This list provides an insight into these startups and what they bring to the table.


NuCicer is a trailblazer in the field of crop genetics. The company is developing ultra-high protein variants of chickpea, enhancing the nutritional quality of this essential food crop.

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Predictiv has developed the first DNA-based Digital Twin that can predict and prevent more than 22,000 diseases. It simulates personalized reactions to 750+ drugs, significantly increasing the effectiveness of treatments.


Helex is working towards enabling safer gene editing. They are improving the efficacy and reducing the potential risks involved in this revolutionary field of science.


ArgenTAG is on a mission to democratize long-read genome sequencing applications. This will allow more researchers to study the human genome in more detail, opening up myriad possibilities of discoveries.


PathoGene, a MedTech startup, is developing an automated IVD medical device. It detects and identifies all human pathogens and AMR genes on one test panel, significantly speeding up the diagnostic process.


Qas.ai specializes in creating and commercializing software that works in conjunction with image-guided surgical equipment. This allows surgeons to perform more precise procedures, leading to improved patient outcomes.


TruDiagnostic is a biodata research company that offers epigenetic testing and research services. Providing valuable insights for both scientists and end consumers.

Astalake Biosystems

Astalake Biosystems works on botanical solutions for healthy living and sustainable approaches for a green environment. They have a healthy balance between technology and nature.

Actio Biosciences

Actio Biosciences is a research center that develops new, innovative drugs for rare diseases. They focus on conditions that often do not receive enough attention in the world of medical research.

Oshun Medical

Oshun Medical is an early-stage diagnostics and personalized medicine company. Their work promises to revolutionize the way we approach healthcare.


Biorhyme monitors your biology & predicts where a person stands in health, wellness & diseases trajectories relative to family, peers, population, thereby providing customized health solutions.

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MeCo Diagnostics

MeCo Diagnostics is working on predictive diagnostics for emerging breast cancer therapies, which could revolutionize the way we prevent and treat this disease.

Ventura Ventures

Ventura Ventures is the first dedicated pre-seed VC serving innovative founders across Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. They invest in promising bioinformatics startups and provide them with valuable support.

Galaxy Genomics

Galaxy Genomics developed a Deterministic Protein, Peptide, and Enzyme Design and Analysis Platform. This platform accelerates research into protein sequences and their relation to diseases.

Elastic Laboratories

Elastic Laboratories specializes in software solutions for interdisciplinary problems. They merge innovative software design with the intricacy of biological operations to provide novel solutions.

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