Who are the Trailblazing Big Data Startups Revolutionizing US Industry?

Innovation is central to the startup ecosystem and nowhere is this clearer than in the exciting world of Big Data. A wealth of startups in this sector are driving progress and paving the path for the future. From healthcare to gaming, these 15 trailblazing startups are harnessing the power of Big Data to push boundaries and transform industries. Here’s a look at the highlights.

Big Data’s vast potential has made it a hotbed of startup activity in recent years. These companies gather and analyze large volumes of data to generate insights in a way that was not possible before. From improving customer experiences to aiding vital research, their work is reshaping numerous sectors.

The startups showcased here are not just making a mark in the Big Data field, but are also indicative of the diversity within it. With offerings ranging from consumer insights to sports performance rankings, these players prove that Big Data’s applications are indeed limitless.

Concerto Biosciences

Concerto Biosciences is at the forefront of redefining humanity’s relationship with microbes. By harnessing the power of Big Data, this US-based startup is showing that the smallest of organisms can yield the biggest of insights.


Datacy offers businesses real-time and comprehensive intelligence on consumer behaviour. Its revolutionary platform allows enterprises to track consumer interactions across all products, platforms, and sites, transforming how businesses connect with their audience.

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For the sports enthusiast, SharpRank provides an independent, cross-sport performance ranking system. This cutting-edge platform has become a go-to resource for professional sports gamblers leveraging Big Data for their next big bet.


DataDistillr is an enterprise platform that empowers data scientists to extract maximum value from data. This user-friendly tool simplifies the complex process of data analysis, bridging the gap between data and decision-making.


As a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, 1nHealth uses Big Data to streamline patient enrollment for clinical research. This innovative approach is helping to speed up research, paving the way for next-generation treatments.


In the real estate sector, ImagineX uses Digital Twins (VR/3D) to assist developers and brokers in pre-leasing and pre-selling new properties remotely. This blend of Virtual Reality and Big Data is revolutionizing the way properties are marketed and sold.


With no website provided, Techpace remains somewhat of a mystery within the Big Data world. However, its focus on communication and gaming technologies marks it as a startup to watch in this rapidly evolving industry.


TIKI is leading the movement for data ownership. Its powerful platform allows users to take control of their data, setting new standards for privacy and personal security within the digital world.

Fitted Laundry

Bridging the gap between laundry and fashion, Fitted Laundry uses Big Data to redefine the laundry experience. Their innovation proves that even in the most unlikely of industries, Big Data can drive progression.

Spike Neuro

Spike Neuro stands at the frontier of the neuro-technology innovation. By leveraging Big Data, this startup is pioneering advancements in brain research that could transform our understanding of the human mind.

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Preventric provides high-quality vascular data to help people live longer and healthier lives. Through Big Data, this enterprise is making great strides in the field of preventive healthcare.


Growjo is a free list and database of the fastest growing companies. It serves as a benchmark for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike, looking for trends and success stories in the world of startups.

Davinci Wearables

Davinci Wearables develops smart undergarments that capture data to enhance lifestyle awareness. By merging fashion with technology, this startup shows how Big Data can shape our everyday lives.


In the culinary world, FoodEpsa is a food search application that allows users to search for their favorite dishes based on reviews and ratings. This novel application of Big Data is transforming how we discover and experience food.


Gisual provides outage intelligence for telecoms and service providers across the United States. By harnessing Big Data, this startup is improving communication networks, making them more reliable and efficient for consumers.

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