Is On-Demand EaaS the Future of Digital Marketing Growth Strategies?

Key Takeaways:

  • On-demand Employee-as-a-Service (EaaS) from Jivaso Technologies is changing the way businesses approach growth strategies.
  • Jivaso provides managed EaaS for organizations of all sizes, reducing employee costs by up to 75%.
  • No long-term contracts provide flexibility.
  • Experts in many domains are available for selection based on evolving business needs.

Enterprises across all industries, especially in digital marketing, are constantly looking for innovative and efficient ways to ensure their growth. One such company offering a novel solution to this ever-present challenge is Toronto-based Jivaso Technologies.

Jivaso uses a unique, on-demand and fully managed EaaS (Employee-as-a-Service) model to assist a wide range of businesses in leveraging their growth potential. Providing domain expertise in multiple areas, this service offers savings on employee costs, flexibility, and is tailor-made to suit business requirements.

Unlike traditional recruitment practices that involve fixed hiring, long-term contracts, and large overheads, Jivaso significantly differentiates itself by offering an on-demand solution. Clients pay on a monthly subscription basis and receive the specialized talent they need in a variety of areas including technology, project management, product development, marketing, and sales. All this is managed by an assigned client partner.

This unique mode of operation allows Jivaso to save employers up to 75% on employee costs. With no long-term contracts, businesses can freely adjust their strategies and manpower requirements in response to their evolving conditions. This level of flexibility and customization is a game changer in the digital marketing industry.

As digital marketing becomes increasingly integral for businesses worldwide, the potential impact of managed EaaS like Jivaso cannot be understated. With its innovative approach and a commitment to create a flexible and inspiredenvironment for global talent, Jivaso is well on track to revolutionize not only the digital marketing world, but the entire recruitment industry.

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