Is Shaping Fitting Room Experiences the Future of Retail Technology?


Key Takeaways:
  • Where and Share, a fashion tech startup, is revolutionizing retail technology by enhancing the fitting room experience.
  • Their platform allows users to share images of clothes being tried on and amasses real-time data for retailers and brands.
  • The company is tackling a significant gap in the retail industry by providing data on what items are tried on in fitting rooms.
  • This innovative approach could mark the future of retail technology.

As retail continues to re-invent itself in the digital age, technology startups like `Where and Share` are paving the way forward. Centered in Orange, California, Where and Share operates at the intersection of analytics, enterprise software, mobile apps, and retail technology.

The company’s main offering is an innovative platform that transforms the fitting room experience. This system allows shoppers to share photos of pieces being tried on in stores, while also collecting critical real-time data for retailers, brands, and manufacturers. This innovative approach handles a gap in the market, allowing businesses to understand what items are being tried on, creating a valuable data insight, until now, overlooked.

What differentiates Where and Share from other retail technology companies is their unique approach to customer engagement and data collection. By focusing on the fitting room – traditionally the highest conversion zone across all channels – the company not only drives traffic and sales but also provides invaluable insight into consumer behavior.

The platform increases customer engagement, contributing to the creation of customer-generated content, a valuable asset for brands and retailers. Users are encouraged to share their fitting-room experiences, subtly turning every customer into a brand ambassador. It is this combination of data analytics and customer engagement that sets Where and Share apart.

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As to the future of Where and Share and retail tech overall, it appears to be a bright one. The fashion tech sector is poised for growth, with advancements such as Where and Share paving the way. Whether it’s sharing a new outfit or driving targeted data analysis, Where and Share’s hybrid approach provides a unique service that has vast potential in an ever-virtualizing world.

This is a burgeoning market, and as Where and Share continue to grow and evolve, it’s clear this approach to retail technology has a promising future. Feel free to follow their journey and experience the future of fitting room technology on their website, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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