Which U.S Trading Platform Startups Are Shaping the 2023 Financial Landscape?

In an age of unprecedented market volatility and digital innovation, new trading platforms have made investing more accessible for all. From NFTs to kicks, African markets to real estate, these startups are elevating the trading game on a global level, making it easier for their users to access various markets. Here we explore some of the most interesting Trading Platform startups and companies from the United States.

The digital trading industry is one of the most promising sectors in the world with expected exponential growth in the coming years. These startups not only provide platforms for trade but also provide support services like understanding market trends and providing financial literacy to its users.

Without further ado, let us look at each of these companies and the unique trading platforms they offer.


Tradeblock is a trading platform with a twist – it allows users to trade and use kicks as currency. This innovative approach has made waves in the trading industry, providing an easy and secure way to invest in a unique asset class.

Flappy Moonbird

Flappy Moonbird utilizes the popular trend of gamefi to offer a free-to-own H5 gamefi on their trading platform. This exciting approach incorporates gaming into the trading platform, providing a unique interactive experience for users.

Chaka Technologies

Providing an Investment Passport for Africans and African businesses, Chaka Technologies enables users to trade global capital markets. This innovative trading platform brings the world’s markets to the African continent.

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nftperp is distinctively an NFT perpetual contract trading platform. This startup perfectly meets the demands of a market in trend, NFT, making trading these digital assets more accessible.


For art creators, Wildxyz is an art trading platform with a difference. This startup offers artists and investors alike an opportunity to engage in the online art market.


Realto is an online real estate investment marketplace. This platform makes it easy for people to invest in real estate properties across the globe.

Boss Beauties

Boss Beauties is focused on providing financial literacy to women of color. Through networking, learning, coaching, and mentoring, this trading platform helps bridge the gap in financial literacy among women.

Trellis Software

Trellis Software offers issuance, placement, management, and trading of alternative assets. This digital platform is streamlining the industry, making it easier for users to manage their assets.


Advisor360° is a wealth management platform that streamlines advisor workflow, increases productivity, and drives enterprise growth. This platform has taken a holistic approach to wealth management, encompassing various aspects of trading.

List Trader

List Trader assists companies in the wholesale and distribution industry in streamlining goods trading with multi-bid management. This trading platform brings a sense of order and efficiency to an often chaotic trading process.

Metalex Commodities

Metalex Commodities specializes in the export of metal ores and concentrates. This commodity trading company brings an unmatched level of expertise to the trading industry, making it easier for users to participate in the metals market.

The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader offers a unique solution to clients by providing funding solutions for trading. With this platform, more individuals are given the chance to participate and profit from the markets.

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NFTPay is a fintech company that allows credit card transactions for purchasing NFTs on websites and applications. This innovative platform has made trading more accessible to a wider audience.


Monetarifund, better known as Monetarico, offers a copy-and-paste trading platform, connecting users to top traders daily. This platform helps new traders learn from the seasoned ones while earning profits.

MAX Trading System

MAX Trading System aims for steady profitability across forex, futures and stocks trading. With a focus on developing effective strategies, this platform ensures that its users have a plan in place for achieving their trading goals.

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