Is UK’s Circle of Zero Trust Framework Transforming Cyber Security Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • UK based startup, CyberCyte is revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry with its Circle of Zero Trust Framework.
  • CyberCyte addresses identity, network, and end-point security, and is a favored solution within major international banks, enterprises and government agencies.
  • The company is developing a new platform, CloudCyte, a multi-tenant SaaS platform that provides 360° security for end-users.
  • CyberCyte’s innovations have the potential to transform the future of cybersecurity.

CyberCyte, a cyber security vendor from Reading, United Kingdom, is transforming the cybersecurity industry with its innovative Circle of Zero Trust Framework. The startup’s elaborate framework is designed to provide comprehensive solutions for identity, network, and end-point security. The integrity of these elements is crucial in maintaining a robust defense system against escalating online threats. Through their approach, CyberCyte has effectively made a mark within the dynamic sphere of cybersecurity.

The Circle of Zero Trust is an authentic evasion of the traditional perimeter-based security model. It fundamentally believes in “never trust, always verify” philosophy and reinforces the ideology by not trusting any internal or external network traffic by default. This approach has shone as a beacon of hope in a world increasing pestered by cyber threats, ultimately witnessing its adoption by top-notch banks, enterprises, and government agencies.

What truly sets CyberCyte apart is its consolidation of solutions in a new platform called CloudCyte. CloudCyte is a multi-tenant SaaS platform designed to provide 360 degree security for end-users. It enables organisations and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to deploy the solution on their premises or any available cloud platform within minutes. This level of ease and flexibility differentiates CyberCyte in the bustling world of cybersecurity startups.

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In addition to their technical capabilities, CyberCyte’s commendable efforts in bridging the gap between online security necessities and user accessibility also sets them apart. Their quandary to enhance user experience while maintaining the highest level of security has been a major differentiating factor. Addressing such realities, CyberCyte has been able to curate solutions that make security a seamless affair rather than a cumbersome one.

The future of the cybersecurity industry rests in the hands of startups like CyberCyte. As digital threats evolve, so will the need for advanced online security solutions. The startup has the potential to significantly influence the industry’s future, considering its forward-thinking approach towards security and its commitment to customer-centric services.

With its transformative technologies, CyberCyte is set to become a chief player in the realm of cybersecurity. As the startup continues to grow and innovate, the industry will witness a perceptible shift towards more secure, user-friendly and effective cybersecurity solutions. You can stay updated with their progress and advancements on their website ( or on their LinkedIn page (CyberCyte Linkedin)

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