Revolutionizing Biking: Will Digital Marketplaces Disrupt the Cycling Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Fixi is a startup based in Stockholm, Sweden that has created the first digital marketplace for bikes.
  • They aim to digitize the bike ecosystem by connecting all stakeholders (bike stores, customers, logistics partners) in one place.
  • The platform includes buying and selling of new and used bikes, bike accessories, repair and services, renting and subscription of bikes.
  • Fixi’s model not only connects stakeholders but also champions transparency, openness, fair-pricing & gamification in the biking world.
  • Looking at the growth of e-bikes and cycling culture, platforms like Fixi could potentially disrupt the cycling industry.


The digital revolution has disrupted countless industries, making transactions more efficient, streamlined, and convenient. The biking industry is poised to join the ranks of sectors that have benefitted from the melding of technology and commerce. Swedish startup, Fixi, has taken the lead in this regard by creating the world’s first digital marketplace for bikes. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Fixi is redefining the way people buy, sell and maintain bicycles.

Fixi was founded by Rafi Mohammad with the goal of digitizing the biking ecosystem. It provides a platform for bike stores and customers to exchange services and goods, encompassing new and used bikes, bike accessories, repair services, and even bike rentals. But what sets Fixi apart is its commitment to transparency, fair-pricing, and gamification, which could potentially make it a trailblazer in the biking world.

What differentiates Fixi?

The primary differentiator for Fixi is the comprehensive nature of its digital marketplace, which extends beyond merely buying and selling bikes. It offers repair and servicing options, enabling customers to avail professional assistance for their biking needs. Additionally, Fixi’s partnership with entities like Ridemovs and Jonna further enriches its offerings with bike subscription and pooling services. Moreover, it also addresses logistical needs, ensuring pick-up and drop-off of bikes.

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Equally striking is Fixi’s commitment to transparency, openness, and fair-pricing. These values are often absent from traditional markets, and their introduction via Fixi’s platform brings a fresh perspective to the buying and selling process in the biking industry. A gamified approach adds another innovative element to the platform, enhancing user engagement and fostering a robust and interactive biking community.


Fixi’s progressive marketplace model, coupled with an increasingly eco-conscious public that favors cycling over other modes of transportation is a promising combination. The growth of e-bikes and a burgeoning biking culture indicate that startups such as Fixi have the potential to disrupt the cycling industry. The challenges inevitably presented by such an ambitious undertaking are manifold, but if successful, Fixi could redefine what it means to be a cyclist and, in the process, significantly contribute to reshaping the biking industry.

As Fixi continues to innovate and carve out a new digital space in the biking industry, it will be exciting to follow their journey. You can stay up to date with Fixi’s latest developments through their website, and on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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