Revolutionizing Information Services: Exploring 15 Innovative Companies in Bayern, Germany

Discover the cutting-edge Information Services startups driving digital transformation in Bayern.


The thriving startup ecosystem in Bayern, Germany, is home to a diverse range of Information Services companies revolutionizing industries with their innovative solutions. These startups harness the power of data, analytics, and technology to provide valuable insights, enhance operations, and drive growth for businesses. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 fascinating Information Services companies in Bayern, Germany that are making waves in their respective fields.

Zavvy – Empowering Employees for Success:

Zavvy is an employee enablement platform that helps businesses unlock the full potential of their workforce. With a focus on engagement and productivity, Zavvy provides tools and resources to enhance employee collaboration, learning, and development. By empowering individuals, Zavvy drives organizational success.

Predium – Sustainable Real Estate with ESG Management:

Predium is an ESG Management Platform dedicated to promoting sustainability in the real estate industry. Their comprehensive solution enables companies to measure, monitor, and improve their environmental, social, and governance practices. By integrating sustainability into decision-making processes, Predium helps create a more sustainable future for the real estate sector.

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Kipu Quantum – Unlocking the Power of Quantum Computing:

Kipu Quantum specializes in creating application-specific quantum computing solutions for immediate industrial use. Their groundbreaking technologies open up new possibilities for solving complex problems and optimizing processes. With a focus on practical applications, Kipu Quantum is at the forefront of quantum computing advancements.

onyo – Hybrid and Remote Work Solutions:

onyo offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for professional working setups, particularly for hybrid or remote teams. Their platform ensures 100% cost control and simplifies collaboration, communication, and task management. With onyo, businesses can seamlessly adapt to modern work environments and enhance team productivity.

RepairFix – Streamlining Vehicle Damage and Maintenance:

RepairFix’s B2B SaaS solution, “motum,” connects fleet providers and workshops for efficient vehicle damage and maintenance events. By digitizing the process, RepairFix improves communication, reduces downtime, and optimizes workflows. Their innovative solution enhances efficiency and transparency in the automotive industry.

Clypp – Knowledge Sharing through Video Tutorials:

Clypp empowers employees to share their knowledge through short video tutorials. Their platform makes it easy to create and access video content, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration within organizations. Clypp’s solution enhances training, onboarding, and knowledge management processes.

Beplus – B2B Employee Benefits Simplified:

Beplus is a SAAS developer offering a B2B employee benefits solution. Their platform enables companies to provide personalized employee benefits packages, boosting employee satisfaction and retention. Beplus simplifies the administration of benefits, making it seamless for businesses to enhance their employee value proposition.

Meter friends – Intelligent Energy Measuring Systems:

Meter friends produces intelligent measuring systems that help save energy. Their innovative solutions enable accurate energy monitoring, empowering businesses to identify areas for optimization and reduce their carbon footprint. With Meter friends, companies can embrace sustainable practices while maximizing energy efficiency.

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up2parts – Digital Contract Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering:

up2parts is a digital contract manufacturing and mechanical engineering company. Their platform connects businesses with a network of reliable manufacturers, streamlining the production process and ensuring high-quality outcomes. up2parts’ digital solutions empower companies to bring their ideas to life efficiently.

Moovster – Rewards Management Platform for Travel Industries:

Moovster provides a rewards management platform tailored to the travel industry. Their solution enables businesses to create engaging loyalty programs, increase customer retention, and boost revenue. Moovster’s platform enhances customer experiences while helping travel companies stay competitive in a dynamic market.

nebumind – Visualizing Manufacturing Data for Efficiency:

nebumind offers manufacturers a software solution that collects and visualizes manufacturing data. By providing actionable insights, nebumind helps businesses optimize processes, improve quality control, and enhance productivity. Their innovative approach to data analytics drives efficiency in manufacturing operations.

TelemetryDeck – Data Analytics Simplified:

TelemetryDeck is an app that provides comprehensive analytics for businesses. With its user-friendly interface and powerful analytics capabilities, TelemetryDeck enables companies to derive valuable insights from their data. Their solution helps drive data-informed decision-making, leading to improved performance and growth.

Embedded ocean – Enabling Digital Transformation:

Embedded ocean is an IT firm that assists businesses in their digital transformation journeys. Through software development, digital platforms, and IoT services, Embedded ocean empowers companies to leverage technology for innovation and growth. Their expertise drives organizations towards digital excellence.

FreshStuff – Connecting Food Producers and Conscious Consumers:

FreshStuff is a platform that connects regional food producers with conscious consumers. Through their mobile app, FreshStuff enables consumers to discover local farmers, access sustainable food options, and engage in a more conscious approach to eating. Their platform supports local economies and promotes sustainable food systems.

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u:benit – Extensive Network of ERP Experts:

u:benit is an extensive network of ERP experts offering a variety of Business Software to medium-sized companies. Their solutions cover areas such as accounting, CRM, HR, and project management. With u:benit, businesses can leverage efficient software solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Bayern, Germany, is a vibrant hub for Information Services startups that are redefining industries through their innovative solutions. These 15 companies showcased in this article represent a diverse range of services, from employee enablement and sustainable real estate management to quantum computing and rewards platforms. Through their groundbreaking ideas and dedication to technological advancements, these startups are shaping the future of information services in Bayern and beyond. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from these dynamic companies as they continue to make an impact in their respective fields.

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