Shanghai’s Rising Stars: Exploring the Semiconductor Innovators Shaping the Future


Shanghai, known as the technological hub of China, is home to a vibrant ecosystem of semiconductor companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation. These companies are driving advancements in computing power, IoT applications, GPU chip design, test solutions, intelligent computing, and much more. In this article, we will take a closer look at 15 fascinating semiconductor companies in Shanghai, China, that are making waves in the industry and shaping the future of technology.

Kuixin Technology:

Kuixin Integrated Circuit is an innovative semiconductor supplier dedicated to solving the challenges of computing power expansion. With their cutting-edge solutions, they are driving breakthroughs in various industries that rely on high-performance computing.

Cygnus Semi:

Cygnus Semi is a leading semiconductor chip technology company focusing on 5G IoT applications. They are at the forefront of the digital revolution, enabling seamless connectivity and empowering the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.


Muxi is an independent and controllable GPU chip design company, providing innovative solutions for graphics processing. Their contributions to the field make them a noteworthy player in Shanghai’s semiconductor landscape.


Sandtek is a renowned provider of test solutions, specializing in advanced test equipment development, test cell integration, application, and consulting services. Their expertise ensures the quality and reliability of semiconductor products.

CIX Technology:

CIX Technology is committed to developing high-performance, next-generation intelligent computing solutions. Their cutting-edge products empower industries with advanced computational capabilities, fostering innovation and transformation.

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Weiyun Semiconductor:

Weiyun Semiconductor is a leading research and development manufacturer of semiconductor plasma equipment. They contribute to the semiconductor manufacturing process with their state-of-the-art solutions and technological advancements.

IC Bench:

IC Bench is a semiconductor technology company dedicated to advancing the chip industry. They strive to push the boundaries of semiconductor design and manufacturing, driving progress across various domains.


Resnics specializes in manufacturing storage and network data processor chip solutions for the communications and Internet industries. Their chips power the backbone of modern data transmission and storage systems.

Forui Microelectronics:

Forui Microelectronics is a leading developer of high-performance chips. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation enables them to create cutting-edge solutions that address complex computing challenges.

Xinling Semiconductor:

Xinling Semiconductor is an esteemed company that develops, designs, and sells high-end mixed-signal chips. Their chips enable seamless integration of analog and digital signals, driving advancements in diverse industries.

Leibo Microelectronics:

Leibo Microelectronics is a prominent semiconductor equipment developer. Their state-of-the-art equipment plays a crucial role in the fabrication and testing of semiconductor devices, enabling efficient production processes.

Yunmai Xinlian:

Yunmai Xinlian is a developer of chips designed for data center networks. Their innovative solutions contribute to the efficient and secure operation of data centers, supporting the growing demand for data processing and storage.


VOMMA is a supplier of light field cameras. Their advanced camera technologies enable immersive and interactive visual experiences, revolutionizing fields such as photography, entertainment, and augmented reality.

Inbisen Semiconductor:

Inbisen Semiconductor is a mixed-signal IC design company with a focus on digital-analog hybrid chip design for industrial applications. Their chips bridge the gap between digital and analog domains, enabling seamless integration of functionalities.

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HPMicro is committed to the development of high-performance embedded solutions. Their expertise lies in creating embedded systems that power various applications, from consumer electronics to industrial automation.


The semiconductor companies in Shanghai, China, are at the forefront of technological innovation, driving advancements in various sectors. From computing power expansion to IoT applications, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As Shanghai continues to be a hotbed for semiconductor innovation, these 15 companies showcased in this article are playing a vital role in shaping the future of technology. Their cutting-edge solutions and groundbreaking research contribute to the advancement of the semiconductor industry, paving the way for a more connected and efficient world.

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