Startup Showcase: Web3 Pro™ – Leading the Way for Web3 Onramp for Enterprises

As the world of Web3 continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important for enterprises to adopt these new technologies. That’s where Web3 Pro™ comes in. Since 2017, the company has been the leading Web3 onramp for enterprises, providing a range of services that help executives across functions gain new, effective capabilities enabled by Web3.

NFT PRO™: A Revolutionary Web3 Marketing Engagement

One of Web3 Pro’s most popular offerings is NFT PRO™, a groundbreaking Web3 marketing engagement platform that allows CMOs to drive renewed retention, higher CLV, cross-sell, and up-sell. With NFT PRO™, companies can gain net-new insights about user preferences by demo, geo, and spending, helping them better understand and engage with their customers. Lamborghini, Ducati, Lotus Cars, Atari, Adidas, Google, EY, Juventus, Sotheby’s are some of the global staples trusting Web3 Pro™ to help them achieve their marketing goals.

GEER: The Whitelabel Marketplace for IP Owners

Another key offering from Web3 Pro™ is GEER, a whitelabel marketplace that allows IP owners to distribute their digital likeness inside any digital environment, such as video games, metaverses, and AR/VR applications. With GEER, IP owners can monetize their digital assets in new and exciting ways, while also providing a unique experience for consumers.

Non-Fungible Record as a Service (NAAS): An Enterprise-Grade Configurable Tokenization Backend

Finally, Web3 Pro™ offers Non-Fungible Record as a Service (NAAS), an enterprise-grade configurable tokenization backend that allows for instant NFR capabilities. NAAS can power any NFR-based use case that requires authenticity, trackability, programmability of records, such as identities, EMR, sensitive files, real estate/vehicle transactions, employee incentives, and more.

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A Team of Experts with Impressive Credentials

Web3 Pro™ is backed by a team of serial entrepreneurs, DLT pioneers, and seasoned Big4 executives who have come together to build the easiest onramp for Web3 adoption by enterprises. The board includes former President of Samsung, Global CEO of Giorgio Armani, founder of Guitar Hero, former Head of Marketing of Lionsgate, and other accomplished professionals.

Venture-Backed and Rapidly Growing

Web3 Pro™ is growing 100% per quarter, based in Silicon Valley, and venture-backed by well-known VCs such as Ripple/Arrington XRP, Presidio Ventures, River Capital Group, VU Ventures, 76 Capital, and Peer Capital. With its impressive track record and growing portfolio of services, Web3 Pro™ is poised to continue leading the way for Web3 onramp for enterprises.

In conclusion,

Web3 Pro™ is a company that is revolutionizing the way enterprises approach Web3 technologies. With its range of services, including NFT PRO™, GEER, and NAAS, Web3 Pro™ is helping companies better engage with their customers, monetize their digital assets, and achieve new levels of success in the Web3 space. To learn more about Web3 Pro™, visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.





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