Startup Showcase: Attn: Grace – Redefining Incontinence Care for Women


Welcome to, where we shine a spotlight on innovative startups that are making waves in various industries. In this startup showcase, we present Attn: Grace, a pioneering incontinence care company founded by Mia Abbruzzese and Alexandra Fennell. Attn: Grace is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is revolutionizing the way women experience and perceive incontinence care. With a strong commitment to sustainability and skin safety, Attn: Grace is redefining the conversation around women’s health. Join us as we explore the groundbreaking work of this female-founded startup.

Redefining Incontinence Care for Women

Attn: Grace is at the forefront of addressing the challenges faced by women with bladder leaks. By combining innovative design, plant-based materials, and cutting-edge technology, the company offers high-performance, skin-safe solutions that women can trust. Their product line includes discreet and comfortable incontinence products that not only provide protection but also instill confidence in their users.

A Certified B Corp™ with a Commitment to Sustainability

Attn: Grace isn’t just focused on meeting the needs of women; they’re also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As a Certified B Corporation™, the company adheres to the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Attn: Grace’s dedication to sustainable practices extends beyond their products and packaging, making them a frontrunner in promoting eco-friendly choices within the industry.

Dermatest Certification: Ensuring Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are paramount when it comes to incontinence care. Attn: Grace sets a new standard by being the only incontinence care line in the United States to receive Dermatest Certification. This prestigious certification is awarded after rigorous clinical dermatological tests conducted in the European Union. By meeting and exceeding these standards, Attn: Grace showcases their commitment to providing women with safe and effective products.

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Challenging Stigmas and Empowering Women

In addition to their innovative products, Attn: Grace aims to eliminate the deep shame and stigma historically associated with women’s incontinence. They are actively working to shift the narrative surrounding aging as a woman in our culture, ensuring that women are seen, celebrated, and empowered as they age. By openly addressing the topic and providing solutions that prioritize women’s well-being, Attn: Grace is creating a positive impact and fostering a sense of community among their customers.





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