Which Are France’s Most Pioneering Software Startups Shaping 2023?

In an era of technological levy, software companies are gaining momentum, sprinting at the forefront of innovation. Among the countries fostering innovation, France has become a breeding ground for software startups. With its convivial investment climate and highly skilled workforce, France attracts both domestic and international capital facilitating the growth of these startups. In this article, we take an in-depth look at 15 promising software startups in France, exploring their operations, offerings, and the industries they serve.

Through their unique value propositions, these startups are addressing vital needs across various sectors, pushing the boundaries of technological progress. Their novel software solutions span across areas such as carbon management, cybersecurity, data management, space software, and more. Let’s delve into these firms, understanding their products and how they are revolutionizing industries.

In the following exposé, we provide a brief glimpse into each startup’s business model, painting a broad stroke picture of the French software startup landscape. Prepare to embark on an exploratory journey into the world of French tech startups, unveiling the significant value these firms bring to both domestic and global markets.


Sweep is a software company developing systems for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. In a world growing increasingly conscious of environmental impacts, Sweep’s software is both timely and revolutionary in its ability to aid companies in achieving a greener business model.


Bfore.AI is a predictive Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Assets Protection company. Through their advanced software, they provide much-needed cybersecurity solutions in the age of digital vulnerability.

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Exorde Labs

Exorde Labs is the creator of the Web 3.0 network that empowers developers to scrape and link all public data on the web. By making publicly available data more accessible, they facilitate the development of more insightful software applications.


Livmed’s is a software platform providing home medicine delivery services for fellow citizens and healthcare players. In the healthcare space, their offering streamlines the therapeutics delivery system, helping patients access medications with ease and convenience.


Hyperplan is a SaaS company whose mission is to assist industrial companies in dealing with crop production’s increasing volatility. Through their software, they enhance the efficiency and stability of crop planning, production, and delivery systems.


Leanspace is the first cloud platform for space missions, enabling companies and agencies to easily build space software. By creating a dedicated platform for space-related software development, they are pushing the boundaries of satellite technology.


Lokki is a software management tool for all equipment rental professionals. This platform brings much-needed digitization to the rental industry, streamlining operations and boosting overall efficiency and customer service.

bsport solution

Bsport solution is a software platform for boutique fitness studios. Catering to a niche yet growing segment, they provide an all-in-one solution that assists fitness studios in managing their operations and client engagement.


Flaneer operates in the sector of VDI, DaaS, and Work From Home solutions. Offering much-needed support in the era of remote work, their software solutions enhance the efficiency, stability, and security of remote work systems.


DinMo is a modern Customer Data Platform for non-technical teams that can be live in minutes. In the domain of customer data, they make data management more accessible and efficient for all, advancing customer relationship management.

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Obat develops SaaS software for contractors and the self-employed for invoicing. Their solutions streamline the billing process, saving time, and enhancing financial management for contractors and small business owners.

Eden AI

Eden AI offers a unique API connected to the best AI engines and combined with a powerful management platform. Pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, their offering is empowering businesses across sectors to leverage AI for their operations.


Working in the realm of SaaS, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Keypup offers software solutions that streamline tech operations. Their products are revolutionizing the ways firms create, manage, and deploy software applications.

eShot Labs

eShot Labs delivers WEB3 x VIDEO impactful solutions to the world of Media & Entertainment. By enhancing the integration of video and web technologies, they are propelling the media and entertainment industry forward.


Sharelock’s mission is to massively unlock bike usage, protecting bikes thanks to a highly disruptive AI powered insurance. Their software is contributing substantially to the growth of the bike industry, making bike usage more accessible and secure.

In conclusion, these 15 software startups are creating invaluable solutions that are reimaging industries and altering the way we operate in a digital environment. They are testament to the robust growth and creative dynamism inherent in the French software industry.

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