Startup Showcase: Bower Unlocking the Value of Recycling Through Innovative Technology

Revolutionizing Recycling with a Mobile App and Deposit System

In today’s world, where sustainability and environmental consciousness are becoming increasingly important, one Swedish startup is leading the way in revolutionizing recycling. Bower, a mobile app-based deposit solution, is empowering consumers and consumer brands to make a significant impact on reducing waste and protecting the environment. With its unique position-based scanning technology, Bower aims to incentivize recycling by giving a monetary value to packages and products, much like the deposit system for empty bottles and beer cans. Welcome to the future of recycling with Bower!

Empowering Consumers and Brands

At the heart of Bower’s mission is the desire to reduce the number of packages and products that end up in landfills or polluting the environment. By providing a tangible value in the form of a pledge or deposit, Bower encourages consumers to recycle their packaging responsibly. Through the Bower mobile app, consumers can easily scan their packaging at designated recycling stations and receive a deposit value directly on their mobile phones. This innovative approach not only promotes recycling but also establishes a direct relationship between consumer brands and end-consumers, fostering a sense of shared responsibility.

Cutting-Edge Position-Based Scanning Technology

Bower’s world-unique position-based scanning technology is at the core of its revolutionary solution. This advanced technology allows consumers to receive accurate deposit values based on their location and the specific packaging being recycled. Whether it’s plastic bags, take-away mugs, or various products, Bower’s solution seamlessly integrates with existing recycling stations or other pinpointed locations selected by connected consumer brands. Gone are the days of investing in expensive reverse vending machines. Bower leverages the convenience and accessibility of already established recycling infrastructure, making recycling a breeze for consumers and brands alike.

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Increasing Recycling Rates through Incentivization

It is well known that incentivizing recycling with financial means is an effective way to boost recycling rates. Bower takes this principle to heart by enabling consumer brands to assign a deposit value to their packaging, either in the form of money or points. By doing so, brands not only demonstrate their commitment to sustainability but also establish a direct relationship with their end-consumers through the Bower app. This unique deposit system simplifies the recycling process while reinforcing existing consumer behaviors of visiting deposit stations. With Bower, recycling becomes rewarding, both for the environment and for consumers.

With Bower leading the charge in the recycling revolution, the future looks brighter than ever. By combining cutting-edge technology, consumer incentives, and the power of existing recycling infrastructure, Bower is empowering individuals and brands to make a tangible difference in the fight against waste and environmental degradation. Join the movement and be a part of the Bower revolution!





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