Who are Israel’s Key Game Changers in the 2023 FinTech Industry?

Israel, known as the “Startup Nation” has been making waves in the FinTech industry. With a vibrant startup scene, driven by a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, academic excellence, and deep tech capabilities, the country has produced a number of groundbreaking companies in this sector. This article takes a deep dive into 15 of the most exciting FinTech startups in Israel and explains what exactly they bring to the current business landscape.

We’re not just seeing a boom in startups, but also in venture capital. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, Israeli startups raised a record $5.37 billion in funding, which is almost double the amount raised in the same period last year. FinTech startups represent a significant portion of these companies, with their innovative solutions aimed at disrupting and improving traditional financial services.

This innovation extends to companies facilitating venture capital flow, providing advanced financial solutions to common problems faced by businesses and consumers, and those making financial information and payment methods more accessible than ever. Below, we will take a look at some of these exceptional startups.

Crescendo Venture Partners

Crescendo Venture Partners is a venture capital investment fund based at the heart of Tel Aviv, focusing on investments ranging from Pre-Seed to Series B rounds in different sectors, particularly in FinTech. Their goal is to help startups scale and gear them up towards a successful future.

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One startup making strides in providing clarity services to credit facilitators and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is Incredi.ai. They utilize Artificial Intelligence to offer a broad range of services, from risk assessment to fraud detection.


For retail investors, Jika.io provides a platform to make critical financial information easier to understand and use, regardless of their levels of financial literacy. It aims to democratize access to finance in an effort to promote financial inclusion.

Connected Insurance

Connected Insurance helps businesses add insurance offerings to their services for value proposition, through event sourcing technology and real-time data analysis, making sure the coverage fits the customers’ needs perfectly.


Bllink offers a financial solution for buildings, allowing building management to seamlessly collect money and track and monitor the financial activity of each building, providing visibility and control.


Cover is innovating the insurance space with their next-generation personal insurance solutions which are as flexible and individual as their customers.


FamilyBiz is a financial technology system that offers private users with social financial tools, aiming to help them make more informed decisions.

Torto AI

Torto AI provides a SaaS website for stock market retail investors, simplifying the analytical process and providing actionable insights.


For those seeking stellar business growth, Embed uses embedded finance, incorporating financial services within non-financial apps or platforms to create seamless user experiences.


BitLender is a fintech company that provides banking, digital transactions, insurance, wealth management, and financial services, innovating every aspect of personal finance.

Lnrd.Io Ltd

Lnrd is the matching and career growth platform acting as an honest broker for continual growth in a revolution, providing an accessible bridge between talent and opportunities.

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Financial services tailored for startups and SMB’s are offered by The-Founders, helping these small businesses thrive even in the most competitive markets.


Wiserpay is a fintech app that offers a wide range of digital payments, customer support, and debt collection services, aiming to make financial transactions more efficient and reliable.

GMI Ventures

GMI Ventures is an international group of investors specializing in generating partnerships and revenues globally, connecting startups in Israel with opportunities worldwide.

keyTango Ltd

Finally, keyTango Ltd. is developing an MPC powered clearing house that enables non-custodial trade of crypto assets. Their platform aims to simplify complex financial transactions using blockchain technology.

All of these startups showcase the brilliance and innovation happening in Israel’s fintech industry. They are truly writing the next chapter in Israel’s Startup Nation story and have significant potential to transform the global fintech landscape in the coming years.

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