Which Israeli Internet Startups Are Shaping the Global Tech Scene?

Israel, touted as a “Startup Nation”, has so far lived up to its billing. Boasting more startups per capita than any other country in the world, this small nation has become a powerhouse of innovation, with new internet and tech companies emerging regularly, each with the potential to disrupt their respective sectors. Many of these startups have not only impacted the local scene but have also caused ripples in international markets. Let’s take a closer look at 15 such intriguing Israeli internet startups.

From eCommerce software to virtual event platforms, these startups are changing the game in their industries. Some are making strides in data-driven mental healthcare and others are revolutionizing social media and online security. Each unique in their approach, they are contributing significantly to the evolution of the digital landscape.

Israel’s startup ecosystem is bursting with talent, intelligence, and innovative ideas. The startups we discuss here are shining examples of Israel’s tech dominance, leading the way with their impressive inventions and services.

Triple Whale

Triple Whale touts itself as the eCommerce operating system for Shopify brands. Offering an intelligent solution to internet commerce, this startup is redefining the way Shopify brands function online.

Madskil Gaming

Bringing the thrill of social betting to the gaming scene, Madskil Gaming has created a live video game social betting platform, adding an exciting element of real-time interaction to the gaming industry.

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With a focus on excellent sales prospecting for B2B-tech companies, Suxeed is paving the way for sophisticated sales solutions, proving itself as a valuable asset for tech-oriented enterprises.

VII Events

VII Events revolutionizes the way companies use events to generate business, offering a SaaS 3D virtual events platform. This startup’s innovative technology takes virtual event opportunities to a whole new level.

Head Habitat

Head Habitat is accelerating the transition to data-driven, value-based mental healthcare. Their internet-based platform equips mental health professionals with data-driven tools to drive effective treatment plans.


Targeting security and efficiency, Fuzzit offers a fuzzing service platform that continuously checks for bugs and vulnerabilities in the code, acting as a prophylactic against potential threats from hackers.


Tevel presents an internet platform designed for maximum security, efficiency, and convenience. An ambitious entrant in the Internet of Things domain, they’re bringing something different to the table.

Innovation channel

The Innovation Channel platform is a game-changer in entrepreneurship, connecting businesses through trusted networks of “Enablers”.


The solution for electric car owners, Grivo offers a GPS-based online service that allows users to seamlessly locate EV charging stations nearby.

Founders Garage

Dubbed as the largest online ecosystem for startups, Founders Garage has created a platform that benefits founders of startups, connecting them with resources and opportunities.


Combating hacker and unauthorized access threats to businesses, Hotmark‘s security technology ensures companies take back control of their online presence.


Providing mobile app, photography, utility, Android, iOS services, Pixend is carving a name for itself in the highly competitive sector of mobile solutions.

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Breaking barriers in music networking, Mus-In connects music videos and artists on a powerful multi-screen app, providing a unique platform for music enthusiasts and creators.


Ahead of its time, Agora is a social media platform designed for the age of bots, trolls, and fake news. Establishing healthy online interaction is their prime focus.


Spacenter offers an online platform for co-working space comparison, simplifying the pursuit for shared workspaces for startups and entrepreneurs alike.

In conclusion, these startups effectively encapsulate fundamental aspects of the Israeli startup scene, reflecting the genius that is rife within their tech and internet sectors. We are excited to see what these startups will bring in the future as they continue their innovative journey.

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