Which Are Israel’s Most Influential EdTech Startups Shaping 2023 Learning?

Education is a key aspect of life that shapes the future of individuals and societies at large. Innovative EdTech startups are playing a critical role in revolutionizing the education sector, making learning more accessible, engaging, and effective. Israel is making significant strides in the global EdTech scene, with startups that are pushing the envelope with groundbreaking education technologies. This article will showcase 15 noteworthy Israeli EdTech startups that are making a considerable impact on the global education scene.

These startups span across various industries such as healthcare, language learning, youth empowerment, and more. They are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to offer unique educational solutions that cater to the rapidly evolving needs of learners and educators. From adaptive training platforms to language learning solutions, here are some of the standout Israeli EdTech startups and companies.

Please note that the provided hyperlinks redirect to their respective websites or informational videos. Do browse through these platforms to better understand their contributions towards making education more immersive, personalized, and efficient using the power of technology.


Brocali is an EdTech startup that offers an adaptive training platform for healthcare learners & professionals, providing tailored learning experiences based on individual needs.


TABI offers an interactive learning platform that personalizes digital data based on visual learning difficulties, enhancing the learning experience for those with visual impairments.

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EZCheck.me is an all-encapsulating check-in solution for universities, schools, conferences, and training, streamlining attendance management for educational institutions.


AnyBook is a collaborative platform that allows users to find, trade, borrow, and share books across various digital platforms.

Xelera Venturing

Xelera Venturing, a web-based startup development app, provides aspiring startup founders with a comprehensive tool for developing their ideas.

Varno Technologies Ltd.

Varno Technologies Ltd. is shaping the future of education with their innovative EdTech solutions.

Dase – High-Speed Learning Technology Ltd.

Dase – High-Speed Learning Technology Ltd. offers a revolutionary learning solution that enables accelerated absorption of information.


Responcity provides innovative educational programs designed to empower youth with essential social-emotional skills.


ShanenLi utilizes speech recognition technology to enhance the learning experience for their users.


ScholarshipsOwl helps students with educational, financing, career, and job opportunities personalized to their needs.


Plethora applies gamification techniques to teach the foundations of computational thinking.

2nd Language

2nd Language provides an e-learning platform that offers a wide range of learning programs and study curricula for children.


Unita offers a software platform that utilizes tutoring management, enhancing the effectiveness of tutoring sessions.

Screenz Live

Screenz Live is a global marketplace for lectures, masterclasses, courses, and live events from experts in various fields.

Afront Digital LTD

Afront Digital LTD is a Saas and ed-tech company focusing on providing innovative educational solutions. Please note that a website link is currently not available for this startup.

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