Startup Showcase: Candu – Personalizing User Interface Design for Software Teams

As software applications continue to evolve, software teams face the challenge of creating personalized and effective product experiences for their users. Candu, a product experience platform based in San Francisco, offers a solution to this problem. Candu empowers software teams to design, refine, and personalize their application’s user interface, without coding. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore how Candu helps software teams to create personalized product experiences.

Candu’s Value Proposition: Personalizing User Interface Design

Candu’s product experience platform is designed for software teams who want to create engaging and personalized product experiences. The platform enables teams to build product experiences that are effective for onboarding and engaging users. Candu’s drag-and-drop editor and powerful analytics suite allow teams to design, refine, and personalize an application’s UI without coding. Candu allows software teams to build experiences from the app’s UI component library and customize those experiences for each user.

The Candu Platform: Features and Functionality

The Drag-and-Drop Editor: Candu’s drag-and-drop editor allows software teams to easily design, refine, and personalize their application’s user interface. The editor enables teams to create custom user flows, add tooltips and coach marks, and create contextual help widgets. Candu’s editor is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for non-technical team members.

The Component Library: Candu’s component library contains pre-built UI components that software teams can use to build their product experiences. The library includes a range of components, such as modals, forms, and menus. Teams can customize these components to match their brand and product requirements.

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Candu’s Founders: Jonathan Anderson and Michele Riccardo Esposito

Candu was founded in 2018 by Jonathan Anderson and Michele Riccardo Esposito. Anderson is a software engineer and product designer who has worked with companies such as Uber, Dropbox, and Airbnb. Esposito is a serial entrepreneur and product strategist who has founded several successful startups. Together, they bring a wealth of experience in product design, engineering, and entrepreneurship to Candu.


Candu’s product experience platform offers software teams the ability to create engaging and personalized product experiences without coding. The platform’s drag-and-drop editor, component library, and analytics suite provide software teams with the tools they need to design, refine, and personalize their application’s user interface. Candu’s founders bring a wealth of experience in product design, engineering, and entrepreneurship to the platform. If you’re a software team looking to create personalized product experiences, Candu may be the solution you’ve been searching for.




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