Startup Showcase: Glaries – Sparking Real Connections, One Date at a Time

The Dating App that Brings Real-Life Romance Back into the Game


In the fast-paced world of digital dating, where swiping has become the norm, Glaries emerges as a beacon of hope, shining a light on the possibility of genuine connections. No more endless chatting, ghosting, or dealing with deceptive profiles. Glaries is revolutionizing the dating scene by focusing on real-life, active dates, bringing you closer to that special someone in person. Say goodbye to virtual uncertainty and embrace the thrill of face-to-face interactions!

Connecting Hearts in the Real World

Glaries is not your average dating app; it is a dynamic platform that places emphasis on real-world connections. Located in the picturesque city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, this innovative startup is transforming the way people perceive dating apps. Embracing the belief that love is best found in person, Glaries encourages its users to skip the mundane and delve straight into meaningful interactions.

Breaking the Mold of Traditional Dating Apps

Unlike conventional dating apps that focus on virtual encounters and superficial swipes, Glaries empowers users to set up or join real, exciting dates. The process is refreshingly simple yet effective: users choose their desired type of date, whether it’s a casual coffee, a night of drinks, a potential relationship, or a fun hook-up. Next, they pick a location and time, and let the magic unfold.

Your Destiny, Your Choice: Empowering Users for Authentic Connections

Glaries is all about putting the power in the hands of its users. As a fellow Glarie, you have the freedom to receive date proposals or initiate your own. The intriguing twist comes with the application process. Rather than sifting through an endless stream of text-based profiles, Glaries encourages users to submit engaging 10-second video applications showcasing their personality and charm.

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By utilizing video pitches, Glaries effectively reduces the risk of catfishing and ensures that every potential date is a genuine, active participant. Users get to review these brief glimpses into the lives of others, making the dating experience more transparent and authentic.

Embracing the Glaries Glow

The essence of Glaries lies in its commitment to getting people off their screens and into the real world. The platform is all about breaking barriers, initiating conversations, and shining brightly like a Glarie in real life. No more waiting hours or days for a reply; Glaries connects you to like-minded individuals who are as eager to meet as you are.


Glaries is not just another dating app; it is a movement that celebrates the beauty of human connections. By shifting the focus from digital interactions to real-life dates, this Amsterdam-based startup is leading the way towards more authentic relationships. Say farewell to the monotony of swiping and embrace the excitement of meeting someone special face-to-face.


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