Startup Showcase: NTT Venture CapitalUnlocking Global Scale for Startups through Strategic Collaboration

Empowering Startups with a $500M Fund and Unparalleled Industry Connections

Welcome to the latest edition of! In this startup showcase, we’re thrilled to present NTT Venture Capital (NTTVC), a trailblazing independent venture capital firm that has been redefining the startup landscape since its inception in 2019. This showcase delves into how NTTVC’s innovative partnership-focused strategy, deep industry network, and substantial funding are propelling startups toward unprecedented global success.

Empowering Startups through Strategic Collaboration

At the heart of NTT Venture Capital’s mission lies a remarkable story of collaboration. Born out of a visionary partnership with NTT, a global technology and business solutions provider, NTTVC stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration. This unique alliance has positioned NTTVC as more than just a venture capital firm—it’s a bridge that connects startups with an expansive network of industry giants, experts, and influencers.

Unveiling the Pathway to Global Scale

In a world where startups strive to achieve global scale, NTTVC acts as a keyholder, unlocking doors to unparalleled opportunities. The firm’s $500M inaugural fund is not just a number; it’s a commitment to fueling the growth of groundbreaking technology startups. NTTVC understands that funding is essential, but what sets it apart is its dedication to providing startups with access to resources, mentorship, and partnerships that transcend financial backing.

Investing in the Future: Technology, Health, and Innovation

NTTVC’s investment philosophy embraces diversity and innovation. The firm’s portfolio spans a wide spectrum of industries, with a primary focus on the future of enterprise, digital health, and innovations driven by AI, machine learning, and data. Whether it’s revolutionizing how businesses operate or reimagining healthcare through technological advancements, NTTVC-backed startups are at the forefront of transformative change.

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A Glimpse into the Silicon Valley Hub

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, NTT Venture Capital benefits from its strategic location in Menlo Park, California. Surrounded by the epicenter of technology innovation, NTTVC is immersed in a dynamic ecosystem that constantly evolves and shapes the future. This proximity to visionary startups, established tech giants, and influential thought leaders enables NTTVC to curate an environment where ideas thrive and breakthroughs are born.

A Call to Visionaries

As we conclude this startup showcase, we invite entrepreneurs, visionaries, and innovators to explore the realm of possibilities that NTT Venture Capital offers. If you’re a startup with a groundbreaking idea, a disruptive technology, or an innovative solution, NTTVC could be the catalyst that propels your venture toward unprecedented success. The path to global scale and transformative impact begins here.


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