Startup Showcase: Sora Schools – Redefining Education for the Future

As the world is becoming more digitized and remote, education is also evolving to keep pace. Sora Schools, a live, virtual middle and high school based in Atlanta, Georgia, is leading the way in redefining education for the future. Sora Schools offers a non-traditional curriculum designed around each student’s interest and learning style, providing students with real agency and responsibility in their learning. In this startup showcase, we will explore how Sora Schools is transforming the way students learn, connect with mentors, and prepare for their future careers.

A non-traditional approach to education

Sora Schools takes a non-traditional approach to education by providing students with an individualized curriculum. The curriculum is designed around each student’s interests and learning style, allowing students to take control of their education. Instead of following a fixed curriculum, students have the flexibility to choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. This approach ensures that students are engaged in their studies and can explore their passions in a meaningful way.

Real agency and responsibility in learning

At Sora Schools, students are given real agency and responsibility in their learning. They have a say in what they study, how they learn a subject, and in what format they can demonstrate their knowledge. This approach ensures that students take ownership of their education, leading to higher levels of engagement and success. Sora Schools believes that students should have a voice in their education and be given the opportunity to learn in a way that works best for them.

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Connecting students with industry mentors

Sora Schools connects students with experienced industry mentors to help them learn and grow. These mentors provide students with the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals. They also help students explore potential career paths and connect them with professionals in their field of interest. This approach ensures that students receive real-world experience and learn from those who have already achieved success in their chosen field.

Preparing students for their future careers

Sora Schools’ ultimate mission is to prepare students for their future careers. The school’s project-based learning and real-world application philosophy allows students to do more hands-on work and build a strong portfolio of experience for future job and college applications. Sora Schools prepares college-bound students for college applications and helps them explore their next steps after graduation. The school’s approach to education ensures that students are not just good test-takers, but are equipped with the skills and experience needed to succeed in their future careers.


Sora Schools is redefining education for the future by providing students with an individualized curriculum, real agency and responsibility in their learning, and connecting them with industry mentors. Their mission to prepare students for their future careers sets them apart from traditional education models. If you are interested in learning more about Sora Schools, visit their website and social media platforms below.





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