Unveiling Oost-Vlaanderen’s Software Gems: Driving Innovation from Belgium’s Tech Hub

Discover the top 15 Software Companies revolutionizing industries from Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium


Welcome to Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium’s bustling tech hub, where innovative Software companies are flourishing, bringing cutting-edge solutions to various industries worldwide. In this edition of StartupBubble.news, we dive into the vibrant landscape of Oost-Vlaanderen’s Software sector and introduce you to the 15 most intriguing and forward-thinking companies that are reshaping the future of technology.

Aikido Security: Simplifying Software Security

Aikido Security is at the forefront of empowering developers with simplified software security tools. With their innovative solutions, they’re ensuring that developers can focus on building outstanding products while keeping them secure from potential threats.

Henchman: Revolutionizing Contract Drafting

Henchman boasts the fastest contract drafting experience ever made. Their software streamlines the contract creation process, empowering businesses with efficiency and accuracy in legal documentation.

journy.io: Unleashing Customer Behavior Insights

journy.io is all about turning customer behavior into engagement playbooks. By driving product-led customer acquisition, expansion, and retention at scale, this company is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers.

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Cardify: Personalized Sales Platform

Cardify’s software-as-a-service platform equips salespeople with tools to operate faster and provide personalized experiences to their clients, enhancing sales performance and customer satisfaction.

karamel: Reinventing the Career Platform

karamel is a web 3.0 career platform, where companies apply to candidates, flipping the traditional job-seeking process on its head.

Unova: Blockchain for Supply Chain Management

Unova is a native blockchain network tackling supply chain challenges using the power of UON. With their software, they aim to optimize supply chain management and boost transparency.

AICON: Smart Cameras for Construction

AICON’s smart cameras bring intelligence to construction sites, helping streamline and enhance construction processes with their cutting-edge technology.

Apideck: Enabling Better Platforms for SaaS Companies

Apideck empowers SaaS companies to build better platforms by offering a range of tools and services that drive innovation and growth.

Stage 2: Innovation in Ghent, Belgium

Stage 2 is an innovative Software company based in Ghent, Belgium, continuously pushing boundaries and advancing technology.

Tally: Simple Form and Survey Creation

Tally’s software provides an easy-to-use platform for creating forms and surveys for various purposes, enhancing productivity across multiple domains.

Nuclivision: Advancing Oncology Treatments

Nuclivision pioneers novel radiotracers and treatments for oncology, improving the safety and effectiveness of nuclear medicine for patients.

Peliqan.io: Data Collaboration for Modern Data Stack

Peliqan.io facilitates data collaboration, enabling smooth interactions across the modern data stack.

Trensition: Real-Time Trend Insights

Trensition delivers data-driven and real-time trend insights tailored to organizations, industries, and regions, empowering data-backed decision-making.

StriveCloud: Gamification for Customer Experiences

StriveCloud is on a mission to help companies deliver inspiring, personalized customer experiences using the power of gamification.

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Healthblocks: Building Healthcare Connections

Healthblocks offers a platform for healthcare providers to create mobile health applications, fostering seamless connections with patients.


Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium, is the vibrant home to a diverse array of Software companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. From security and blockchain to personalized customer experiences and improved healthcare, these companies are making a significant impact across various industries. Keep an eye on these 15 gems, as they continue to shape the future of technology from the heart of Europe.

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