What Are Brazil’s Most Influential Retail Technology Startups Shaping 2023?

As one of the world’s most vibrant and diverse countries, Brazil is also a hotbed for innovative startups. The country’s retail sector has seen an exciting boom in technological innovation in recent years. The retail technology startups in Brazil bring much-needed disruption to traditional retail with their transformative business models and innovative digital solutions. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the remarkable retail tech startups shaping the future of retail in the bustling landscapes of Brazil.

The companies we’ve highlighted are leveraging technology to optimize supply chains, automate deliveries, manage e-commerce returns, and more. These startups are at the forefront of the retail sector’s digital transformation, providing solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. They are empowering small merchants, increasing revenue, cutting costs, and improving customer experiences.

By infusing cutting-edge technology into everyday retail, they are not just transforming the industry but also how we shop and interact with retailers. From artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, to mobile apps, these startups are revolutionizing the retail landscape with digital solutions designed to drive growth and increase efficiency.


Clubbi is a retail tech startup that empowers small merchants across Brazil by optimizing their supply chain and operations through technology. Based in Brazil, the company employs modern technology to improve efficiency, streamline operations and drive business growth for smaller retailers struggling with traditional supply chain dynamics.

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Mercê do Bairro

Mercê do Bairro is a virtual retail chain that offers digital solutions to help small grocery stores increase revenue and cut costs. Utilizing data and digital technologies, the company increases profitability for small grocery businesses by tackling critical issues such as inventory management, pricing strategy, and customer engagement.

Take and Go

Specializing in hyper-convenience through smart vending coolers, Take and Go provides digital technology solutions typically found in high-end supermarkets to smaller retailers.

InHouse Market

InHouse Market operates autonomous minimarkets inside condos and business offices across Brazil, leveraging tech-driven models to improve convenience and accessibility for residents and workers.


Dedicated to streamlining logistics in food and retail, Ayo cultivates a vast network of delivery personnel using innovative tech solutions to simplify distribution processes and improve retail service.

Be Beleza Tech

Be Beleza Tech is a beauty app leveraging the power of technology to cater to the modern consumer’s need for personalized and flexible beauty services.

Genius Returns

Addressing the recurrent issue of e-commerce returnments, Genius Returns provides a unique platform for hassle-free returns management.


Stokki, found at www.stokki.com.br, is a cloud fulfillment platform aiding digital brands in processing e-commerce orders cheaper, smarter, and faster.

Menu Web

Menu Web simplifies delivery and table orders for food services using intelligent automation solutions.


Mapfry provides location intelligence for businesses making site selection decisions, utilizing a data-rich professional network.


U.mode represents the fashion sector’s digital transformation as one of the leading tech-savvy fashion companies.


Transforming convenience store shopping, Listo brings the market within an elevator’s distance. Its innovative business model seeks to redefine the future of retail.

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Operating in the digital marketing sphere, CBYK ONNE delivers e-commerce solutions for retailers looking to expand their digital footprint and drive online sales.


DATA VIKA leverages data-driven solutions to provide DSaaS for the retail industry. Visit www.datavika.me for more information on their innovative data solutions.


Specializing in retail solutions, Rupx harnesses the power of data for inventory management, loss reduction, and sales margin enhancement.

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