Which are India’s Most Influential Retail Tech Startups in 2023?


The Indian retail market is sterling with remarkable retail companies. Comprising prominent startups in the field of retail technology, India’s startup ecosystem is evolving significantly, and technology remains one of its biggest strengths. Dive into this stimulating realm of Indian retail technology startups and witness innovation, creativity, and dynamic disruptions taking over the conventional retail market. To help you get a handle on the space, we’ve taken the liberty of cataloguing fifteen Indian Retail startups that are dramatically revolutionising the industry.

These retail tech firms have emerged as game changers, employing digital and technological innovations to create disruption in traditional retail methods. From customer experience improvement to creating online multi-vendor marketplaces, India’s retail tech scene is versatile and full of potential. The startups in this list are doing exceptional work in defining the future of retail in India.

The article below elucidates more about these fascinating Indian Retail Technology startups, about their ventures, and the industries they are progressing in.


HappyCredit is India’s first rewards platform that automatically avails its users some interesting cashbacks while shopping with any bank credit card, debit card & UPI. Their modus operandi is astonishingly simple figuring it the label of ‘Aishback’. This innovative startup optimises retail experience and incentivises consumer spending.


Shoopy has a comprehensive mobile app that creates invoices and offers loyalty programs. The app also allows users to share products across social networks, making shopping more convenient. The digital simplicity that Shoopy instigates in marketing products is indeed unique.

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Kirana Club

Kirana Club is known to be India’s largest community of Kirana Retailers. This initiative not only unifies retailers under one roof but also stimulates smaller businesses in the said industry.

Versicles Technologies

Versicles Technologies is a retail tech company focusing on automating customer experience for retailers. This is a significant advancement in the sphere of customer- retailer interaction.

Fresh Perspectives

Fresh Perspectives is a user experience enhancement company that uses unconventional platforms like AR/VR and proprietary hardware products to enhance the user journey in retail. This indeed offers consumers a fresh perspective while shopping.


Toesmith is a unique platform that bridges the gap between passionate shoe designers and fashion-savvy customers. Their innovative venture has indeed marked a significant step in the footwear industry.

Koshur Store

The Koshur Store features as the first & largest online multi-vendor marketplace in Jammu & Kashmir. This local e-commerce app is indeed revolutionizing the shopping scenario in the region.


Paemo is a Point of Sale (PoS) application that offers business management at your fingertips. Their digital solution is promising to modern retailers, easing their management tasks to a great extent.


Fliksale™ is an e-commerce platform dedicated to refurbished products in India. Their unique venture prompts the shoppers to opt for second-hand products thereby promoting sustainability.

Geoxis Shop

Geoxis Shop operates in the Retail Outlet and Ecommerce sector. Their digital presence asserts their approach towards modernity in the retail tech scene.


bidit is a unique bidding platform catering to fanatics who like to buy & sell unique items. This online auction marketplace brings an exciting twist to the retail scenario.

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Furnify, a retail tech firm operating in the B2B sphere, is on a mission to enable retailers with technology to improve in-store sales, primarily in the furniture industry.

The Comic Book Store

The Comic Book Store holds a unique position as India’s 1st comic book store and the world’s 1st marketplace for comic & pop-culture. This platform brings the thrill of comics into the retail marketplace.

Roket Shelf

Rocket Shelf is a startup catering to the fast-paced lifestyle by delivering organic groceries & essentials in 15-20 minutes. Their promptly servings make them stand out in the retail tech scene.

CW Suite

CW Suite offers unified solutions for the Retail Industry, including Point Of Sale, ERP, and CRM. Their comprehensive platform is perfect for businesses in the Retail Industry.


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