Who are India’s Most Influential Robotics Startups Shaping the Future?

India, home to technological innovation and one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in the world, is witnessing a rapid rise in the number of Robotics startups. These startups are revolutionizing a number of sectors including healthcare, agriculture, construction, logistics, and more, by offering automated solutions to address various challenges and improve efficiency. Here we present some of the most interesting Robotics startups in India.


Peppermint is an industrial robotics startup based in India, focused on providing effective solutions for the industry. The company is developing innovative solutions for industrial automation, making processes faster and more efficient.

Accio Robotics

Accio Robotics is an Indian startup dedicated to designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art Robotics Automation solutions. A pioneer in the field, Accio Robotics aims to transform traditional industries with advanced robotics.

Pace Robotics

Specializing in construction technology, Pace Robotics offers robots as a service to assist in the construction process.

Tikkly Agro Solutions Private Limited

Tikkly Agro Solutions Private Limited is pioneering the use of AI and Robotics to solve major issues in Agriculture. The company is committed to making agriculture more sustainable and productive.


Leading the way in mind-controlled robotic devices, NexStem also provides smart home devices and wearable technologies to enhance everyday lives.

PetroBot Technologies

PetroBot Technologies offers robotic inspection services for industrial assets. They focus on improving safety standards, boosting efficiency, and minimizing costs and downtime in the energy sector.

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Uma Robotics

Uma Robotics uses sustainable automation and IoT solutions to optimize logistics in warehouses and manufacturing industries.


Insighttrac blends robotics and cloud data to aid almond farmers in removing pest-infested nuts and maximize their profits.

Flexli Technologies

Flexli Technologies is transforming the warehouse sector with its innovative automation technology, streamlining operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

C2 Medical Robotics

C2 Medical Robotics is advancing medical treatments through its innovative robotic tools and systems specially designed for surgeries.

RigBetel Labs

RigBetel Labs offers robotics research and industrial platform development. Their work is pioneering the field of robotics platform innovation.


Botosynthesis is a unique startup shaking things up in marketing automation with the use of AI chatbots and Robotic Process Automation(RPA).

Drona Automations

Drona Automations provides comprehensive automation robotics, tools, and autonomous systems services.

1 Degree Freedom Robotics Pvt Ltd

Specializing in motion control, 1 Degree Freedom Robotics develops and implements advanced robotic solutions.

Ampius Industries

Ampius Industries incorporates robotics in a number of diverse areas such as SaaS, Web App, Payment, and AgTech.

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