Which are Saudi Arabia’s Most Influential AI Startups in 2023?

The Saudi Arabian tech sector is burgeoning with numerous Artificial Intelligence startups. These innovative enterprises employ AI and tech advancements for a variety of uses, from retail and medical services to cyber security and data solutions. This article showcases 15 trailblazing AI startups that are leading Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation, contributing to the country’s tech-savvy and forward-thinking attitudes.

Each of these companies operates in diverse sectors, yet they all embrace the dynamic possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. The incorporation of AI in their business strategies not only enables them to disrupt traditional sectors but also propels them to stay ahead in the competitive industry. Following is the list of awe-inspiring startups redefining industrial norms with AI in Saudi Arabia.

From self-service Micro Stores to smart solutions providers and healthtech firms, these AI pioneers are reshaping business landscapes. The living spirit of innovation in Saudi Arabia is evident in these AI tech companies, which continue to evolve, adapt and inspire.


Aided by AI, KartNGo offers self-service Micro Stores. Its forward-thinking use of technology paves the way for seamless customer experiences in Saudi Arabia’s retail sector.

Hemma for smart solutions

Hemma develops Software as a Service (SaaS) products, leveraging AI to deliver smart solutions that cater to the unique requirements of their clients.

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Saudi Centre for AI (SCAI) leads the charge in developing the next generation of AI applications. They aim to unlock global value by capitalizing on artificial intelligence.


A healthtech firm; Mawidy, provides an AI-powered application that simplifies the process of booking medical appointments. Through smart technology, they streamline the healthcare experience.

Brain AI

An adept player in the AI start-up landscape, Brain AI, based in Saudi Arabia, is significant in many artificial intelligence projects, ensuring tech advancements in diverse sectors.

Artificial Intelligence Systems Company (AISC)

AISC stands as a leader in technology, engineering, and consulting in AI, Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Data Analytics in the Middle East.

Noura AI

A firm believer in the Power of AI, Noura AI focuses on research to solve a range of decision problems, aiming to provide well-rounded solutions in any field.

Thakaa Center

Thakaa Center offers AI, data analysis, IoT, and cybersecurity services. Their multifaceted approach to technology allows them to address a wide array of industry needs.

Saudi PenTesting Company

The Saudi PenTesting Company provides services related to Cybersecurity, AI, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Systems, focusing on building a robust, secure digital domain in the country.

The Future Line

The Future Line offers services like Data Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, Big Data Consulting, Machine Learning, and Customers satisfaction Improvement Services, aligning businesses with modern digital trends.

Robotics Eye

Robotics Eye provides automated drone solutions, driven by AI. Their cutting-edge technology brings automation to a variety of sectors, increasing efficiency and operational productivity.


As a leading AI Data Platform in the MENA region, NeuralBank harnesses the power of AI for dynamic data solutions benefitting numerous industries.

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A B2B Data Solutions Provider, Hubot Technologies, leverages AI to deliver quintessential data solutions to businesses, optimizing their decision-making processes.


With no official website, TAHAWWUL is still impacting the industry with their specialties in Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, and Retail Technology.

Health pro AI

Health pro AI is transforming healthcare by utilizing AI and data analytics, emphasizing the role of modern technology in facilitating superior healthcare services.

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