Which Are Singapore’s Most Influential Cryptocurrency Startups in 2023?

Singapore is a true hub for innovation especially in the arena of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Having an advanced financial system and a government that supports tech-startups, the foundation is strong for groundbreaking progress in the crypto-sphere. Here, we turn the spotlight onto some of Singapore’s most high-potential crypto startups and delve into what makes each of these firms unique.


Liminal is a startup aiming to reinvent how digital assets are managed. Offering self-custody wallet management, they give users unparalleled control and security over their cryptocurrency. Their strategic location in one of the world’s leading tech innovator nations makes for fertile grounds for groundbreaking development.

OrBit Markets

OrBit Markets sets out to democratize the financial system through its advanced crypto-derivatives platform. It offers an array of products including exotic options and structured products to cater to the growing demands of consumers in the crypto marketplace.

Dora Factory

Dora Factory is a DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure provider. They specialize in on-chain governance and open-source ventures, transforming the way communities are built and how decisions are made collectively in the blockchain realm.

Caduceus Foundation

The Caduceus Foundation is an incubator for the metaverse. By building a blockchain protocol, this startup aims to venture deep into the uncharted territory of interconnected digital and physical realms.


Breaking the physical barrier of social interactivity, MYTY is a decentralized platform engineered to push the boundaries of social platforms and introduce a new era of internet space.

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Upclub harnesses the potential of NFTs to create a first-of-its-kind cultural and entertainment experience. As a blockchain social project, it aims to revolutionize the Smart Token world by blending culture, innovation, and connectivity.


Yieldly is an Algorand blockchain-based startup that presents a portfolio of yield farming smart contracts. It unlocks various opportunities for DeFi participants and contributes to expanding the ecosystem.


GamePad is a platform taking gaming to the next level through blockchain technology. They curate and nurture the best gaming projects and then catalyze these to the global stages of the gamefi and metaverse arenas.


Cofinex is a multifaceted fintech company that offers crypto exchange and Crypto Debit card services. Their unique addition to enabling transactions is a Gold Vending Machine, stirring the cryptocurrency landscape.


Coinstore is set on disrupting the crypto industry by blending finance with fun. It enhances how users interact with crypto on a daily basis, making trading more engaging and enjoyable.


A startup called SuperHedge is offering an innovative approach to crypto investments. With their structured investments, this platform opens the door to opportunities that were previously hidden in the cryptocurrency world.

Chain Debrief

Chain Debrief serves as a media outlet dedicated to the crypto world. As well as informing its users about crypto happenings, this startup promotes awareness and understanding about the ever-changing crypto landscape.


Uniramp is building a bridge between the traditional finance and crypto. As a fiat-to-token infrastructure provider, Uniramp makes buying and selling crypto tokens via various platforms, like credit cards and bank transfers, more accessible.

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With the intention to simplify implementation, beoble offers a Web 3.0 social module with API and SDK. This allows any Web 3.0 service to implement social functionalities quickly and efficiently.

Continuum World

Continuum World is a gaming company embedded in the blockchain ecosystem. By integrating gaming with blockchain, they are shaping an exciting new world for online gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

The future of cryptocurrency lies in these young and innovative firms as they pave the way for a decentralized financial era. The aggregate potential of these Singapore startups is not just promising, but truly awe-inspiring. Watch out for what these promising projects bring to the evolving crypto scene.

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