Which Are Spain’s Top Influential Information Services Startups in 2023?

In the rapidly growing digital age, the importance of data processing and innovative information solutions cannot be overstated. In this regard, Spain has become a fertile ground for Information Service startups, buzzing with novel ideas and fresh approaches. Let’s take a virtual journey to explore some of the most exciting and promising Information Services startups in Spain that are making a mark through their unique visions and revolutionary solutions.

These startups are offering their unique ways to gather, assess, and process data that is significantly reshaping the way we work, interact, and make informed decisions. They are not just driving the digital transformation, but also bringing diverse sectors into a new era of information-driven operations.

And here’s the exciting part – not only these companies are offering cutting-edge solutions, they are also having a profound impact in fields ranging from medical research to maritime surveillance, from climate modeling to space technology. Let’s delve in and discover these extraordinary startups.


MEETOPTICS has come up with an ingenious solution for researchers and optical engineers in the field of photonics. They’ve developed a customizable search engine, helping to expedite research and decision-making processes.


Addressing the needs of infrastructure maintenance operations, MainRail is a tech company providing IT-based solutions. With MainRail, the management of infrastructural projects becomes more efficient and reliable.


Understanding the critical need for environment data, Lobelia collects Earth’s data and climate projections. This valuable information can be used to predict vulnerabilities, risks, and opportunities linked to climate change.

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Trialing serves a unique niche in the medical industry. The platform helps physicians find relevant clinical trials for their patients. This could improve medical research and patient outcomes.

Orbital EOS

Working in the maritime domain, Orbital EOS utilizes satellite-based solutions to tackle challenges like oil spill monitoring and ship detection, making oceans safer and cleaner.


Quonversa brings business process automation to a new level by utilizing chatbots and artificial intelligence. This startup, while doesn’t have an official site, symbolizes the breakthrough potentials in AI technology.

Albatross API

Albatross API provides up-to-date information on Covid-related travel restrictions, health requirements and local guidelines. This is critical in this era where travel has become increasingly unpredictable due to the pandemic.

Sistema Efactura

Sistema Efactura has developed an electronic invoicing and factoring solutions platform for businesses and public administrations, simplifying billing and payment processes.

Newtonlab Space

Offering solutions for the space industry is Newtonlab Space. The startup specializes in holographic technologies providing analysis and testing services for new applications.


The co-working sector is served by TribuApp. Their platform provides flexible office spaces for businesses and individuals, aiding remote and flexible working arrangements.

Gastro Cult

Gastro Cult serves the tourism industry with a variety of services including gastronomy, culture, business trips, leisure, bookings, travel planning, and tour advisory services.


For those who love hunting, Hunty is an online platform with an integrated search engine that helps users find, compare, and hire hunting experiences for a more satisfying hunting venture.


An innovative alert system for various auctions, AlertaSubastas serves up alerts for all Judicial auctions, Social Security, BOE, County Councils, Town Councils and District Councils. It’s a boon for auction-goers who wish to stay updated.

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Digital Research.Studio

The digital consulting domain is served by Digital Research.Studio. They analyse needs, diagnose problems and implement digital solutions that help clients improve their businesses.


NeuNeto, a global recruitment and digital competences provider, specializes within the information technology ecosystem, helping businesses find the right talent and skillsets for their digital transformation journey.

With their innovative solutions, these startups demonstrate how technology is reshaping the way we deal with information. Their cutting-edge platforms and services are not just serving their target industries, but they are also playing a critical role in driving the digital transformation journey.

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