Who Are Spain’s Top Influential Internet Startups Transforming Business in 2023?

Spain is fast becoming a hotbed for internet startups, providing a range of exciting opportunities across various industries. Amid the country’s knowledge economy, many businesses are leveraging digital technologies to provide innovative solutions to problems. These startups are transforming the internet landscape in Spain and disrupting various sectors.

This article showcases 15 of these fascinating internet-based companies hailing from Spain. Ranging from secure cloud storage services to women-only carpooling platforms, these startups encapsulate the creativity and innovation fueling the digital scene in Spain.

Without further ado, let’s delve into these startups and learn about the unique services they are providing.


Internxt heralds itself as the world’s most secure cloud storage service. They aim to make the internet a more private, secure, and efficient place by offering cutting-edge, user-friendly digital services.


Delitbee operates as an online food delivery store. This company aims to make ordering from restaurants convenient through a single-tool solution to help grow businesses.


Kuvu is a social impact marketplace that prevents loneliness in the elderly by promoting intergenerational homesharing agreements.


MissCar pitches itself as a carpooling platform specifically designed for women, increasing safety and comfort for women on the road.


offUgo reimagines the concept of car ownership, providing innovative mobility solutions.


Omnilane is a SaaS solution empowering parking owners and operators through a complete management platform.


POiN helps users find, book, and rate child-friendly sites throughout a city.

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Formación Ninja

Formación Ninja redefines conventional educational institutions, providing an innovative platform for online learning.


Aurorajobs is a career website that helps young adults find jobs even without experience or a master’s degree, helping bridge the employment gap.


Tadatic serves as a bridge between developers and cool projects, helping businesses find the right talent.

Solon: Access to Experts

Solon operates as the first community built on content-based reputation that connects consumers with trustworthy experts and valuable knowledge.


DAIN is a software development company that provides secure learning and encryption services on a federated platform.

Erasmus Play

Erasmus Play is an accommodation search platform for students, offering student housing services.

Faable Cloud

Faable Cloud is a technology company that offers software development and cloud data management services, thereby simplifying complex technical processes.


BridgeWhat is a B2B platform that helps link businesses and facilitate collaboration.

With their innovative solutions and business models, these startups are collectively shaping Spain’s digital landscape. Leveraging new technologies and strategies, they continue to redefine their respective sectors and lay the groundwork for future technological advancements.

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