Which Are Sweden’s Most Influential Analytics Startups Shaping 2023 Trends?

In the heart of Scandinavia, Sweden is taking strides to become a significant player in the global startup scene. With its commitment to innovation and technological advancements, Sweden has seen the emergence of numerous startups, particularly within the analytics sector. These startups are utilizing data to uncover insights, drive decision-making, and create optimized experiences for their user base. Here’s a closer look at some of these promising Swedish analytics startups.

Analytics is a vast and complex field that can provide valuable insights for various industries. It can help marketeers best target customers, enable companies to efficiently maintain their equipment, and even assist educators in identifying ways to improve student performance. Moreover, with an increased emphasis on data privacy and sustainability, analytics is entering new and uncharted territories in the digital world.

The Swedish startup ecosystem has embraced the demand and opportunity for data-driven decision-making and has produced several successful analytics-based companies. Here, we delve into the offerings of these Swedish analytics startups and provide a window into their contribution to the exciting world of data and analytics.


Causiq bridges the gap between science and marketing. Offering marketeers actionable insights derived from scientific studies, it has made a commendable contribution to the analytics industry. The startup is home grown in Sweden and focuses on offering data-driven solutions to marketers.

Wavi Analytics AB

Wavi Analytics is an innovative company that uses continuous measurements to ensure timely and optimal maintenance. They are bridging the distance between analytics and maintenance to drive efficiency and effectiveness in their client’s operations.

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ROYC Group

As a financial firm, ROYC Group uses analytics to deliver insightful reporting and digital solutions to its investors. They offer private equity and investment services, showcasing the critical role of analytics in the financial industry.


DPella’s offering is Privacy Preserving Analytics, thus answering the much-needed call for data privacy in an increasingly digital world. They ensure that analytical insights can be gained without compromising on user privacy.


GydEd has found a niche in the education sector through data analysis and predictive analytics. They specialize in education management and use the power of data to enhance the educational experience.


Finna emphasizes the need for sustainability and offers Data-Driven Sustainability services. This fresh, eco-conscious approach to analytics solidifies their place in the Swedish analytics ecosystem.

Nygen Analytics

Nygen Analytics provides cloud-based analysis for single-cell genomic data. Their offerings are not only sustainable but also provide cost-effective solutions for genomics research.


Akuret helps retailers optimize product availability through advanced analytics and optimization techniques. They are revolutionizing the retail industry with their innovative solutions.

Nimble Digital

Nimble Digital is a marketing firm that leverages analytics to create targeted marketing strategies for its clients. Their services showcase the importance of data and analytics in effective marketing.

Stockholm Strategic Laboratories

This lab offers a range of analytics services, from data warehouses to strategy. They demonstrate the broad application of analytics across various business functions.

B3 Indes

B3 Indes provides analytics consulting services, including data analytics, data science and AI, RPA, and software development. Their comprehensive offerings make them a leading player in the Swedish analytics landscape.

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Amaizd specializes in retrieving and transforming data into usable formats such as email, voice, or text message. Their innovative approach to data processing and analysis distinguishes them in the industry.

Evil Ape

Evil Ape is more than just a software development company; it also offers data analytics services. Their solutions clearly demonstrate how analytics and technology can work together to deliver significant results.

Tiny Clouds

Along with offering analytics services, Tiny Clouds also specializes in graphic design and marketing services. They elegantly showcase how the application of analytics can extend into creative fields.


Last but not least, Bricobomba stands as an IT service company that contributes to Sweden’s analytics landscape. Though their primary focus pertains to IT, their role in data analysis cannot be undermined.

The Swedish analytics landscape is teeming with startups that are transforming industries with their unique offerings. As the startup scene in Sweden continues to boom, we can look forward to more innovations and advancements in the world of analytics.

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