Which Brazilian EdTech Startups are Revolutionizing the 2023 Education Scene?

The Brazilian educational technology sector is bustling with innovative solutions and cutting-edge platforms, collectively propelling the country’s educational advancement forward. These edtech startups are redefining how students in Brazil and beyond receive education in the digital era. Without further ado, let’s dive into fifteen of these groundbreaking Brazilian EdTech startups that are making solid strides in the edtech space.

Not only are these startups adding valuable solutions to the edtech sector, but they are also dramatically reshaping Brazil’s educational landscape through digital transformation. Their innovative platforms are fostering a vibrant and interactive learning environment, thus keeping students engaged, intrigued, and yearning to learn more.

From programming instruction to vocational experimentation, these startups cater to varied needs and learning preferences. Improved AI-integrated learning, financial education, individualized journeys, preparatory courses, and residency trainings are some of the many significant contributions these edtech startups bring to the table.

Kenzie Academy Brasil

Kenzie Academy Brasil is transforming both digital and real-world classrooms by teaching programming languages. They are playing a crucial role in shaping the future tech mavens of Brazil and beyond.

Driven Education

Driven education is a high-potential edtech stage for the future technology pioneers of the country. They are efficiently preparing these individuals to step into the technological sphere with confidence and competence.


Seren is a unique, engaging platform encouraging professional experimentation. They assist individuals in finding the profession that suits them best and resonates with their career vision and aspirations.

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AIO Educação

AIO Educação aims to simplify learning by employing artificial intelligence. Their USAge of AI creates individualized learning journeys for each student, allowing them to learn at their own pace and in their comfort zone.


Inicie is an innovation ecosystem committed to revolutionizing education and influencing learners worldwide.


Zoonk offers interactive learning that uses practical examples to deepen understanding and make learning more tangible.

AMentoria Educação

AMentoria Educação is an online platform that provides individualized study paths for students preparing for the ENEM exams.

Eu Medico Residente

Eu Medico Residente is a medical education institute providing preparatory courses, training, and mentoring services to budding medics.


Inventivos is an e-learning platform that offers educational services centered on business creation, management, and marketing.

Financier Escolas

Financier Escolas is an ed-tech firm that imparts financial education through a fun and engaging AI-powered gamified experience.

Blocos Educação

Blocos Educação has developed a platform for schools to incorporate finance, economics, and entrepreneurship into their curriculum.


Expacer offers an edtech mobile application that adds convenience and accessibility to the education experience.


Joiny conveniently connects people with experts through asynchronous 1:1 videos, eliminating the hassle of scheduling appointments.


Bonsae is an ed-tech company providing innovative solutions such as software development, student management, automation, and hour accounting for the education sector.


Stift is a software firm offering web app development, mobile app development, and an EdTech platform for students and teachers to create a collaborative and productive learning atmosphere.

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