Which Brazilian E-Learning Startups are Shaping Educational Trends in 2023?

Today, technological innovations are constantly shaping the Brazilian education landscape with intriguing and youthful E-Learning startups sprouting across the country. These companies leverage the internet and technology to provide diverse and accessible learning opportunities. This piece will introduce some of the more notable startups and companies in Brazil that are making waves in the e-learning industry. We’ll discuss their unique contributions, aims, and the futures they’re building in the sphere of digital learning.

The E-learning industry in Brazil is currently experiencing a boom, thanks to a generation of visionary entrepreneurs and forward-thinking practitioners who are paving the way for innovative educational platforms. These companies are revolutionizing learning by making it on-demand, accessible, and flexible for all.

Let’s delve into the profiles of 15 of these Brazilian E-learning startups and companies that are transforming the educational scene.

Cubos Academy

Cubos Academy is a Brazilian E-Learning platform dedicated to providing online classes in IT consulting and services. This company aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills to excel in the evolving technological landscape.


Scaleup is another excellent E-Learning platform focusing on aiding schools and other educators in delivering educational content through its interactive and user-friendly platform.


Specializing in smart communication for educational engagement, Movva is helping to shape the future of education in Brazil by becoming a leading figure in this niche.

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Redcore Educação & Startups

Redcore Educação & Startups offers top-notch education and acceleration in an innovative format to assist startups in their blossoming stages.


MeetHub is an online networking platform that offers business consultations related to venture startups, planning, and development, thus helping aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.


Unmaze offers tools facilitating English language learning, as well as consultations with psychologists and various training courses.


Specializing in technology and financial education, XPE IGTI combines tradition and innovation to provide higher education programs and career consultation services.

Eu me banco

Eu me banco is an E-Learning platform specifically designed to offer investment courses, catering to finance enthusiasts and professionals.


Percurso provides medical, pre-entrance exams, ITA, IME, and ENEM based courses online, leveraging technology for adaptive learning processes.


Werkey offers a wide range of health safety, training, and certification courses for agribusiness professionals and enthusiasts.


Vaivoa offers tech-related E-Learning courses including backend development, iOS, and data science, keeping up with the fast-paced evolution of the tech environment.


Ampli is a virtual learning company that offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and free courses.


Providing monetization through multichannel content, HubChannel sets a unique business model within the E-Learning industry in Brazil.


Duuca is a forward-thinking e-learning platform that specializes in knowledge management, training, and development, catering to a broad spectrum of learning needs.

CX Project

Last but not least, CX Project offers professional training and coaching focused on customer-centric practices, contributing to the enhancement of the customer relations industry in Brazil.

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The Brazilian E-Learning industry indeed paints a vibrant and dynamic landscape rich in innovation. The potential for growth and influence is immense, and the bout of startups mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. The journey of education, as they say, never truly ends, and with the emergence of more cutting-edge E-learning platforms, it has never been more exciting.

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