Which Canadian AgTech Startups Are Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture?

AgTech, short for Agriculture Technology, is a blossoming industry in Canada. More and more startups are making a mark in this innovative field, bringing together technology and farming practices to offer solutions for a more sustainable and efficient agriculture industry. Canada has welcomed this fusion of technology and farming, and an array of startups are emerging to address the agricultural challenges of the modern world. Here are 15 compelling AgTech startups that are revolutionizing farming as we know it.

Each startup has its unique approach, whether it be enhancing the quality of products, improving the speed and ease of farming processes or inventing new techniques to promote sustainability. We’re excited to shine the spotlight on 15 AgTech startups making headway in the industry, harnessing technology to nourish and sustain us better than ever before.

Whether you are an investor, a farmer or simply interested in the fascinating field of AgTech, these Canadian startups are worth watching. Get to know these innovative companies and their cutting-edge technologies.

Adapt AgTech Inc.

Adapt AgTech Inc. operates in the Food & Beverage industry, specializing in mushroom cultivation. This startup is making a mark in the AgTech industry in Canada.

Barnstorm Agtech

Barnstorm Agtech is a robotic swarm-farming enterprise providing an open platform for precision and powered deployment of farm technology. Their innovative approach to farming promises to enhance agricultural practices in Canada.

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Plantaform stands out as the world’s first smart indoor garden using Fogponics technology, a novel and innovative approach to indoor farming.

Ground Truth Agriculture

Ground Truth Agriculture has innovated a service providing grain analysis to farmers directly from their combine in lab-quality, offering real-time usable data to farmers.


CELL AG TECH is on a mission to become the global leader in the development and production of sustainable cell-cultured seafood, standing out in the cell agriculture industry.


Cultivatd is specifically focused on indoor farming needs. Their services have been designed to efficiently identify and address these needs, enhancing indoor farming practices.


Foodimprover leverages a genomics platform to produce improved fruit varieties. This innovative approach to fruit production promises better quality and yield.

Replenish Nutrients

Replenish Nutrients is committed to sustainable agriculture, manufacturing regenerative fertilizers for sustainable agriculture systems.


SoilReader uses patented technology to bring a spectrometer to the soil, a revolutionary approach to soil analysis.

Bioimaging Research Solutions

Bioimaging Research Solutions operates with the goal to streamline and enhance the food-production system at all stages – from farm to consumer.

Genuine Taste

Genuine Taste’s unique approach to cell agriculture focuses on cultivated fat, enhancing the taste and quality of food products.


Mycorize stands out as an innovator of mycelium technology, propelling the cultivation of mushrooms to new heights.

Waterpoint Lane

Waterpoint Lane operates with a focus on growth-stage businesses that promote sustainable practices throughout the food supply chain.

My Fungi

My Fungi specializes in producing high-quality mushrooms in fresh, dried, and extracted forms, offering a range of products for different uses.

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INHUB FARMS stands out as a smart farming company. They are growing better mushrooms for people and planet in every city, showcasing their dedication to sustainability and quality.

These are just a few examples of the innovative AgTech startups that are making a significant impact in Canada. As technology continues to develop, the sky is the limit for these companies as they transform the agriculture industry. We look forward to seeing how these startups continue to grow, innovate and shape a more sustainable future for farming.

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