Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Analytics Startups Transforming Industry in 2023?

Canada has recently seen a boom in the development of analytics startups, with companies offering a range of innovative services from mental health analytical platforms to sports data collection. This surge in data-driven businesses comes as companies increasingly recognize the role of data in delivering high-quality, personalized services. We have compiled a list of 15 of the most exciting and innovative analytics startup companies for you to watch in Canada.

These startups demonstrate the strength of the analytics industry in Canada, providing a glimpse into the future of this essential business realm. They have harnessed technology to gain deep insights into a variety of areas, showing not only the capabilities offered by analytics but also reflecting the innovative spirit of the Canadian business community.

From companies providing data consulting services to those offering cloud solutions, and from social media management to large-scale data systems, these startups are transforming the landscape of data analytics. We invite you to explore these fascinating analytics startups and discover how they are reshaping businesses in Canada and beyond.

Scient Analytics

Scient Analytics is contributing to the analytics industry by standardizing the collection and processing of visual data. Its simplified data tools allow companies to gain accessible insights from their data, improving decision-making processes.

EarthDaily Analytics

Specializing in the agricultural industry, EarthDaily Analytics provides integrated data processing and analytics solutions globally. Their work demonstrates the breadth of the analytics industry, showcasing its impact on diverse sectors.

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Infostrux Solutions

Infostrux Solutions provides a suite of data solutions, including data cloud solutions, data analytics, and data products for business intelligence. They enable businesses to harness the power of data, thereby increasing profitability and efficiency.

Parados Cerebral Solutions

With their advanced analytics platform, Parados Cerebral Solutions tackles the issue of concussion epidemic in sports. Their data collection hardware devices epitomize the innovative practices within the analytics industry.

Montreal Analytics

Addressing misaligned and chaotic reporting, Montreal Analytics offers data consulting services to businesses across a variety of industries. The company turns complex data into usable reports and insights.

Cognitive Apps

Cognitive Apps is a mental health analytical platform that provides valuable insights for drug development. This startup uses analytics to make significant strides in mental health research and treatment.

ORBintel Decision Guidance

Established in 2018, ORBintel Decision Guidance focuses on monetizing data to generate current asset valuations and decision-making metrics. Their work highlights the financial value that can be gained by efficient data use.

Rolling Insights

Supporting sports lovers and fantasy league enthusiasts, Rolling Insights provides sports data via API. Their service provides intriguing insights into the world of sports analytics.

Orogen Tech

Creating solutions for data mining, storage and analytics, Orogen Tech demonstrates how analytics can be applied within the domain of software development.

Vision Management

Vision Management is an internet company that provides social media management and analytics services. Their work is a testament to how modern businesses can leverage data to optimize their online presence.

Flashana Technologies Inc.

Known for its prowess in demand chain management, Flashana Technologies Inc. is a key player in the analytics industry. Their work involves using data to streamline and optimize supply chain processes.

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Semanttica is making waves with its large-scale data systems and optimization tools. They harness analytics to create data solutions that can function at a high capacity, proving advantageous for large companies.

Digitally Measured

A consultancy firm, Digitally Measured, uses data analytics to deliver valuable business insights. They provide a crucial service for companies needing advice on how to leverage their data for maximum profit.

Leap Conseil

Providing a range of AI services, including strategic positioning, data analysis, custom training, and AI engineering solutions, Leap Conseil exemplifies how analytics can be integrated with various complementary technologies for optimized results.

Computer Assisted Analysis Techniques and Solutions

Computer Assisted Analysis Techniques and Solutions provide data analytics, educational training, and consulting services, underlining the diversity and range of applications within the analytics industry.

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