Which Are Canada’s Most Influential Artificial Intelligence Startups in 2023?

The rapidly-growing tech industry in Canada is becoming a major hub for startups and established companies alike, especially in the artificial intelligence (AI) field. Companies are leveraging machine learning, data analysis, and AI breakthroughs to transform industries as diverse as healthcare, real estate, and finance. The AI sector in Canada is innovating and burgeoning at an exciting pace, and top AI startups in the region are leading this movement. Here’s a look at 15 Canadian AI companies on the forefront of this next tech revolution.

The companies listed below are using AI to change the way we do things in healthcare, food delivery, legal research, and much more. Covering a wide range of applications, these companies are harnessing the power of AI to provide innovative solutions to the real-world problems.

All of the companies listed below are implementing groundbreaking technologies, reimagining how industries operate by making processes more efficient, increasing accessibility, and harnessing the power of data to make informed decisions. This list is by no means exhaustive but it gives a snapshot of the exciting work being done in AI in Canada.

ReelData AI

ReelData AI is a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions for land-based aquaculture. By utilizing AI they aim to make aquaculture more sustainable and efficient.

Meddai Medical Inc

Meddai Medical Inc. builds AI tools for early disease detection, aiming to revolutionize the healthcare industry by enabling early interventions and treatment.

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Easy Platter

Easy Platter offers an on-demand personal chef service. They use AI and ML to provide balanced, nutritious, and healthy meals to people, targeting the demand for personalized nutrition planning.

Ohanna AI

Ohanna AI provides warehouse visibility software and tracking technology for warehouses and the storage industry. Their platform helps in managing operations and improving efficiency using AI.

Yuko AI

Yuko AI provides AI-powered software for virtual dermatology, empowering healthcare professionals to work more effectively and patients to get faster, personalized care.


Ubineer is transforming the financial services sector with AI, using the technology to provide innovative solutions in financial management.

Knorket AI

Knorket AI offers an AI-driven platform that augments the professional judgement of consultants, enabling them to make more informed, accurate decisions.


DataTorch is a data annotation platform, which employs AI to label, manage, and analyze data effectively and accurately.


Scoreinforce is a warehouse management, recycling, retail, and healthcare automation tool based on AI computer vision algorithms that aims to revolutionize these industries with AI capabilities.

Prudent Healthcare

Prudent Healthcare aims to improve patient safety and reduce adverse events in healthcare through the use of AI and workflow automation.


LegalEdison uses AI to summarize case law and create citations. This innovative application of AI has the potential to transform legal research and make it more efficient and accurate.


Halterix provides motion recognition & analysis API and data collection services for businesses developing remote care and coaching solutions.


Whimseo offers a SaaS platform powered by AI that converts 2D media to 3D, creating immersive visual experiences for users.

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Ace is an AI-enabled interview preparation platform that helps individuals gain confidence in interviewing processes and ultimately succeed.

Ascend Build

Ascend Build uses AI to help real estate developers predict undervalued properties based on alternative factors, thereby opening up potentially lucrative investment opportunities.

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