Who are Canada’s Most Influential Blockchain Startups Impacting Tomorrow’s Industry?

The Blockchain revolution is taking the world by storm and Canada is no different. On the vast landscape of start-ups and businesses that are harnessing the power of Blockchain, a few stand out offering some fantastic and unique products and services. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most exciting Blockchain companies based in Canada.

Innovations across various sectors, from gaming to finance, mesh this advanced technology seamlessly with their operations to present significantly improved versions of their products. Here, we highlight and delve into the operations of 15 such Blockchain startups enhancing their industries with this revolutionary technology.

The selected startups are contributing towards making a decentralized and secure internet, by capitalizing on the versatility and potential of blockchain technology. Let’s explore these interesting Blockchain companies in Canada.


Doodles is a web3 NFT, media, and entertainment brand based in Canada. It uses blockchain technology to redefine the entertainment industry, offering unique media and NFT experience to its users.


Enter the world of Web3Games to experience blockchain gaming like never before. This platform is creating a community-driven ecosystem where users can play, create, and explore various blockchain games.


Defined is a data platform powered by blockchain that helps users query on-chain data and interact across various blockchains. This open web initiative is helping to make the cross-chain interaction more seamless.


Explore the world of Web3 with SENTR3, a next-generation community management platform. SENTR3 offers native Web3 experiences that are unparalleled in the industry.

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The blockchain co-investment platform, Metain, bridges the gap between investors and blockchain projects. It democratizes investment opportunities within the blockchain industry.


BENQI Corpo is an innovative liquidity market that operates on the Avalanche network. It offers decentralized lending and borrowing services.

Matrix Labs

In the quest to bring the metaverse to life, Matrix Labs is at the forefront. This blockchain tech-company drives innovation towards creating a more immersive metaverse experience.


Africhange is a money transfer platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure fast, safe, and efficient transactions. It caters to the African and Canadian marketplace, making money transfers easy across borders.


Understanding the risks involved in decentralized finance can be difficult. DeFiSafety exists to assist in this area by providing technical risk analyses for various projects.

Kamu Data

With Kamu Data, data management on the blockchain becomes efficient and reliable. Their planet-scale data pipeline services are designed specifically for the demands of the modern-tech world.


bountyblok.io is a platform that powers tasks and challenges with blockchain. It’s a gamification platform which helps companies engage their users providing them with an innovative and fun experience.

Coin Sprout

Explore the world of crypto through social media with Coin Sprout. This platform is focused on content creators and everything related to cryptocurrency, revolutionizing how we engage with digital assets.


Myriade is redefining the crypto mining industry. As a crypto asset service company, it provides dedicated and efficient mining services to its users.


The NFT platform, PolkaPets, has brought a new fun element to the world of digital collectibles. A whole universe of unique, collectible pets awaits users on PolkaPets.

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Incubella Technologies

Incubella Technologies is working to market, nurture, and introduce Web3 projects to the world. An incubator that supports up-and-coming blockchain initiatives.

In conclusion, Canada’s Blockchain scene is as diverse and innovative as it is exciting, and it shows no signs of slowing down. From gaming to finance to decentralization, blockchain startups in Canada are making their mark and redefining industries like never before. This list represents just a fraction of the exciting work happening in blockchain across the country.

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