Which Canadian Online Gaming Startups Are Leading the Industry in 2023?

In the rich landscape of Canadian tech startups, online gaming companies are making a significant impact with their innovative concepts and solutions. From incorporating blockchain and AI technologies to engaging young players with interactive learning games, these burgeoning businesses are reshaping the way we play. We’re going to introduce 15 standout online gaming startups across Canada that are creating new trends in the industry.

Whether it’s creating an NFT project in a gaming context, combining fantasy sports with the stock market, or developing a social community for gamers, these inventive startups each bring something unique to the table. So, let’s dive in and explore this flourishing realm of online gaming where creativity, innovation, and technical prowess intertwine.

Each of these enterprises contributes to the industry’s progressive nature and demonstrates why Canada’s tech scene is drawing international attention. Continue reading to learn more about these exciting startups, the games they’re creating, and how they’re changing the online gaming landscape.

AlwaysGeeky Games

AlwaysGeeky Games, the creator of an NFT project called Voxies and its game, Voxies Tactics, is undeniably making waves in the online gaming space. They’re proving that blockchain technology and gaming are an exciting, fertile combination ripe for exploration.


Sportiqo is where the thrilling world of fantasy sports collides with the excitement of the stock market. Making these two ecosystems interact has offered users a unique online gaming experience that’s keeping them hooked.

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Sherwa Online Services

Sherwa is not just about gaming but about community. This platform brings together gamers in a friendly environment, promoting interaction, collaboration, and mutual assistance.

Ruse IA

Ruse IA accelerates the learning curve in poker with their interactive digital and teaching tools, ensuring a comprehensive and fun experience for a variety of player categories.

Tiny Colony

Blockchain games have started to gain traction, and Tiny Colony is at the forefront of this innovative movement. The platform’s web3-friendly environment enables users to enjoy a truly modern gaming experience.


Codo is a comprehensive digital entertainment platform tailored towards kids. They offer a robust range of online camps, clubs, classes, parties, and games to keep children engaged and entertained.

Goose Byte

As a newly formed independent gaming studio, Goose Byte is keen to make its mark in the online gaming world. Expect big things from this fresh-faced startup.


NinjaFT is an internet-based service company focused on developing an intriguing online gaming experience for its users.

Little You

Little You is a tech startup for young gamers, combining the latest web and 3D printing technologies with creatively designed templates to engage children in tech and gaming.

Mythic Table

Mythic Table gives tabletop roleplaying game enthusiasts an online platform to play their favorite games with friends worldwide. Visit their website to find out more.

Only By Midnight

Specializing in the development of unique video games, Only By Midnight is a testament to what a committed and visionary gaming company can achieve.


With a focus on social-emotional education, Lightouch uses the power of gaming to deliver insightful lessons to parents and educators.

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Polar Tabby Interactive

Polar Tabby Interactive is known for developing entertaining games that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or gaming experience.

Coconut Game Studio

Hailing from the greater Edmonton area, Coconut Game Studio is an independent video game developer known for their innovative and captivating games.

Caldera Interactive

Caldera Interactive stands out as an independent game studio, creating games that resonate deeply with gamers from various backgrounds. Their mission is to craft experiences that are as meaningful as they are entertaining.

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