Who are Canada’s Most Influential Mining Tech Startups in 2023?

Canada has a long and storied history of mineral extraction, but contemporary mining looks very different from the pickaxes and mule paths of yesteryear. A wave of startups is innovating mining technology, with groundbreaking ideas that promise to revolutionize the industry while minimizing environmental impact. In the following article, we delve into some of Canada’s leading mining technology companies, examining how their innovations are breathing fresh air into an ancient industry.

From environmental stewardship to space mining, these startups represent the future of mining on Earth and beyond. With clever applications of emerging technology, they’re making mining better: safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. The breadth of innovation on display is truly inspiring and offers an optimistic view of the future of mining.

Beneath are 15 exciting mining technology startups from all across Canada bringing their unique solutions and ideas to the mining sector. These companies represent the cutting edge of mining technology, and all have the potential to make significant contributions to the industry.

Arizona Sonoran Copper Company

Primarily a copper developer and producer, the Arizona Sonoran Copper Company aims to bring the unbound potential of copper to markets worldwide. With innovative mining technologies, they’re set on producing high-grade copper of unmatched purity.

Li-FT Power

Li-FT Power is on the frontier of lithium mining. They focus on identifying, exploring, discovering, and advancing early-stage lithium pegmatite projects. With sustainable techniques under their belt, they’re poised to make massive strides in lithium mining.

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Canadian Space Mining Corporation

Canadian Space Mining Corporation is driving innovation beyond the stratosphere. With a mission to create the infrastructure to support life in space, it’s using advanced technology to mine resources from asteroids and other celestial bodies.

Nev Gold

Setting their sight on mineral exploration, Nev Gold offers district-scale exploration and resource potential in strong geopolitical jurisdictions. They believe that mining should be conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner, with the utmost respect for the environment.

HighGold Mining

HighGold Mining is a gold exploration company that focuses on two North American gold mining environments. They concentrate on bringing untapped gold resources to the market in the most effective and eco-friendly manner.

EnviroGold Global

Putting a spotlight on environmental stewardship, EnviroGold Global is a clean technology company that seeks to capitalize on sustainability. They’re operating in green mining technologies and solutions that benefit both the environment and the mining industry.


Fortai is an advanced technology and product manufacturing company. Specialising in creating custom solutions for the mining industry, they utilise state-of-the-art technology to enhance productivity and safety in mines.

Kingfisher Metals

An exploration company at heart, Kingfisher Metals focuses on efficiently exploring its district-scale gold and copper properties. Their advanced techniques and technologies make them a leader in the industry’s future.

Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain is a mining company, focusing on the exploration, development, and production of the Elk Gold project. They employ sustainable practices to ensure environmental responsibility while still achieving high-quality gold production.

Sassy Resources

An exploration stage resource company, Sassy Resources, is engaged in the identification, acquisition, and exploration of precious metals. Using cutting-edge technologies, they aim to unveil new mining possibilities in an eco-friendly manner.

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While it doesn’t have a website, Mining2Me is a non-profit aiming to transform the public’s perception of mining through animated infographic videos. They utilise technology and media to educate the public about responsible, modern mining practices.


Clirio is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company offering mixed-reality visualization of engineering data. By bringing virtual reality to mining, they’re ushering in a new era of safety and efficiency.

Groupe Minier CMAC – Thyssen Mining Group

A full-service mining management company, Groupe minier CMAC, offers an extensive range of services tailored to the mining industry’s needs, from planning and development to closure and reclamation.

ESG Natural Resources

ESG is a Carbon Removal Project Developer that focuses on high-quality, permanent, and verifiable Carbon Removal Offsets. Their services aid companies in meeting regulatory compliance and offsetting carbon footprints, fostering sustainability in the mining industry.

Sulphide Remediation Inc.

Sulphide Remediation focuses on the historical legacy of acid rock drainage from coarse rock waste piles. Through their solutions, they hope to reconstruct the discharge into ecologically compatible conditions and aid in transforming mining’s environmental footprint.

These startups are the testament of the fact that Canada is well-positioned as a global leader in mining innovation. Their fierce dedication to disrupting the industry while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental stewardship is a beacon of hope for the future of mining.

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